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OoT-3DS Navi's Not Annoying



Navi tells you the same thing everytime you turn on the game or waste enough time.
Sep 4, 2011
I didn't find her that bad to be honest.
I agree with Crash, she didn't "Hey" that much I thought and I liked the "Watchout"s just became par tof the background to me in the end, it was nice to have her 'watch my back'... Link needed a companion haha.

I found Midna's laugh coming out of my Wiimote to be much more disturbing!
I'm playing TP at three in the morning in my livingroom with the sound turned down so it doesn't wake my partner up then a deafening "Hee-hee-hee-haa-haa-haa" comes blasting out the Wiimote!
Made me jump loads!

..... What kind of partner? Navi was meh to me, I was dissipointed and embarrassed that Fi wasn't my new Midna....... I think Fi is more cool because she wants to kill Link when she sees flames. :lol: Fi is better, she helps you know more hints (barley) and tells you how long you have played. But they should of changed the animation of Fi singing that looked so very disturbing.....
Dec 20, 2011
I've never really found Navi to be that annoying. I didn't like how she would bug me if I took too long exploring, but otherwise I didn't mind her at all.


I got the game 1999 or something like that, I was 10. and mainly due to me not listening to navi at any time and never tattle anything and just wandering around for fun til I found the next place, and I played with my brother navi was never bothering me. I have a very nice memory I know about 100% of the game by heart after having played it 4 times. I do not need navi at all. Navi was a great idea. people should not be bothered by her at all, you could always wander around until you find the place to go, and it's very logical where you have to go. most difficult part would be finding the ice cave without navis help in your first playthrough.

Jul 22, 2011
To be honest I find Fi more annoying that Navi. :lol:

This times 10 to the 42nd power. Navi rarely interrupts gameplay without your volition, and she keeps her advice short and sweet. Fi, on the other hand, interrupts gameplay seemingly all the time, and is rarely optional. To make it worse, her tendency to state the obvious is worse than Navi's ever was. As if that weren't enough, you cannot speed up the text, and her probabilities make her interruptions less than interesting.


I agree. I did not find Navi to be annoying in OoT 3D. She was there to help and that is all.
Dec 21, 2011
Vernon Hills, Illinois
I recently replayed Ocarina of Time expecting Navi and the water temple to torture me but they really didn't bother me. I think Navi is no more annoying than Midna. Can't say the same for Fi though. She's the new Navi with her beeping and useless advice.
Dec 22, 2011
Yes she is.... you just can't get around that super annoying high pitched voice that screams "hey listen" at you every 15 seconds especialy when your trying to enjoy the music in the game

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