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General Classic Navi Vs Tatl

Navi or Tatl

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Aug 1, 2012
The End
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Who is your favorite companion from the N64 Zeldas?

I personally like Tatl more than Navi.

I don't hate Navi because "Ugh, she's annoying!", because Tatl is annoying too. I don't even hate Navi.

I just feel Tatl has more character development than Navi. Navi doesn't really have a backstory, but Tatl does with Skull Kid and Tael.

At first you kind of hate Tatl because she's a jerk and then Link (you) and Tatl become friends as the story progresses.
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Dec 17, 2011
From a gameplay perspective, they are equal for me... they do the same thing. The only difference is one speaks and the other one makes a Tinkerbell sound, which is funny since Link looks like Peter Pan. And as much as I love Tinkerbell, I really enjoyed the small bits of speech Navi had.

As far as character goes.... I didn't like Tatl. She really didn't have a lot of development at all. Her personality never changed, she just became more comfortable around Link. Warming up to a person =/= character development. It was more relationship development, and they really didn't develop a strong companionship. Navi, on the other hand, was Link's true companion, even becoming upset with her own inability to help Link in the final battle. For Link, Navi was an important person in his life, and while her reason for leaving his side was never detailed, we can (or at least, I can) assume it was because her duty, like Fi's, had been fulfilled and she had another task to accomplish.

I dunno, I just like the idea behind Navi's character as a clutzy little fairy (flying into things), her role as Link's companion, and her closeness to him more than Tatl's. However, as somebody with a brother, I could relate to Tatl's situation a lot better. Problem was, Tatl was a jerk and I never got over it.


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Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
I honestly don't care for either of them, but if I had to pic one, it'd be Navi. I never liked Tatl for whatever reason that may be. I couldn't care less if she had a "decent" character profile, nothing about her character made me like her whatsoever. Navi was somewhat different. I never found her annoying, and I enjoyed her company more than I ever did Tatl's. So Navi simply wins it for me.

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Jul 17, 2012
Don't forget Ceila either.

But I liked Them both, Navi was just a bit more serious then tatl. Maybe that was more or less Nintendo not giving her much personality to keep her simple.


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Jul 27, 2012
Canada, eh
Well, I think the answer is kinda obvious here. ;)
No I'm just kidding, though I do like Navi more. I really liked Tatl too, but there's just something about Navi that is more appealing to me. :fairy:

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Dec 6, 2012
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Navi over:sad: Tatl for me, although I probably will grow to like Tatl more when I get further into MM since I don't particularly care for Navi much but still prefer her over Tatl so far.
Tatl has a better story to tell and has first hand experience and relations with the main enemy of the game which makes for a really interesting relationship between tatl and link and some good exposition and moral thoughts overall...

Still like Navi better though because she talks =]
Aug 8, 2012
Tatl has a better story to tell and has first hand experience and relations with the main enemy of the game which makes for a really interesting relationship between tatl and link and some good exposition and moral thoughts overall...

Still like Navi better though because she talks =]

I think she summed it up perfectly


Jul 1, 2012
Hmm this is an easy choice in my eyes - Tatl.

Now I'm going to put aside the general complains of Navi and to an extent, Tatl; in terms of the obvious advice they give. Navi, as a character, was unimportant I felt, now I know she was a companion first and foremost, but her role in the story was just "meh". I think this was mainly because she wasn't used in the plot scenes etcetera. She was only significant in the beginning phase and the ending phases -- leaving her character, for the most part, obscure.

Tatl wasn't this amazing character, but she was definitely more involved in the main plot than Navi. There were multiple scenes were Tatl played her role in and I thought this increased her significance overall, instead of being this lifeless companion, she was actually an important figure - this was increased due to the fact she was related to the Skull Kid aka the puppet villain.

Tatl also had this unique personality, in terms of Zelda. Even though she was working with Link, she had this jerk like attitude, which I would relate to Midna. However, the one thing that Majora's Mask could have improved on was Tatl's character development. It seems as if her attitude towards Link changed over night, in fact I didn't even notice the transition. She was a friend of the Skull Kid and just with Link to find her way back, but this quickly changed and Tatl became a lot like Navi, just slightly "quirkier".

Tatl felt incomplete in my eyes, there could have been a continuous character development and even a bigger focus on her personality, yet this wasn't fully done. However, she was certainly better than Navi, character tole wise, while both were equally matched in terms of helpfulness.


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Jan 16, 2013
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Why no Poll?

Anyway, Navi is way better than Tatl. She is original and helpful. Tatl just seems like a tacked on assistant due to MM using the same engines and mechanics as OoT. Navi wins baby!


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Jul 26, 2012
Stone Tower Temple
I like both Navi and Tatl. It's hard for me to pick who I like better, though I think that Navi may be my favorite of the two. True, she can get annoying at times, with her constant yelling of "HEY!", but there's something about her that I just like better than Tatl.

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