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Navi Vs Midna

Who do you like more?

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Okay this is a tie for me. Navi is nearly useless, and she tells you the most ******** things( Like you walk up to a door and she says"strong iron bars are covering the door" dur de dur) while she tells you what like the enemy is and gives hints on how to destroy it.

But then there's midna who fits into the story more than navi(IMO) but she is just odd, all she does half the time is just sit there and giggle....

This is why I can't really decide.

Sage of Wind

I really did not like Navi much during the 5 years it took me to finish OoT (I'm actually kinda proud it took that long :lol:) but now I've finished it I kinda miss her :( I prefer Midna though, she was just a far better character


aka. musician_4_life
Jan 18, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
As much as navi helped me on my first ever Zelda game.....I had to choose Midna

Midna wasn't as annoying plus she was an integral part of the game for that reason i choose her


Why only two sidekicks? What about Tatl, Ezlo, and Ceila? I suppose they are less known then navi and midna, but why not include all sidekicks? I for one found navi's voice unbearable, although she wasn't all that frustrating to be honest. Midna plays an important part in the story, but she's in a way more annoying than navi, because I felt that while navi was just a ball of pixels giving hints, midna was a character with a bad personality. I never grew to like midna, or appreciate her constantly following you. I just found her to be a pain as the story progressed, her character grew tiring.

I loved tatl. She had an attitude, but it wasn't forced and constantly in your face like midna's was. She was more snide and quiet, which I appreciated, too much sidekick, unless executed very well, is not a good thing. Supporting characters should stay supporting characters, which is why I found Midna annoying, she seemed to be an annoying sidekick who morphed into an annoying main character, which is even worse.

I have yet to play Minish Cap, so Ezlo is relatively unknown to me (besides the fact that he sits on link's head) and Ceila was a lukewarm character whose personality felt a bit forced. Luckily she mostly stayed out of the way, rarely did the game force you to take part in long conversations with her. Her character just felt too generic and false to be enjoyable.
Oct 20, 2008
I didn't really care much for either of them, to be honest.

Navi, was somewhat annoying at times. I wouldn't say she is as annoying as a lot of people make her out to be, but she isn't a favourite either. The thing I found to be annoying, was not so much her incessant shouts of 'Hey', and such, but more the fact she was too helpful at times.
For example, when I am fighting a boss, especially a somewhat more difficult one, I'd rather not have any hints or clues, I would rather figure it out on my own.

I actually found Tatl to be worse than Navi. At least Navi wasn't an *** about everything. When you Z-targeted an enemy in Majora's Mask, Tatl would make some remark about your ignorance of it, or something to that effect.

Midna, whilst she obviously was a key addition to the story of Twilight Princess, and while I don't really mind her being in the game, I didn't particularly like her.
This doesn't mean I hated her, or anything of the sort, but I thought she could be a tad annoying at times, but not to the point that it really bothered me. I think it she showed quite an improvement in character development for her sort of character, but other times I think her role became too prominent, and overshadowing other aspects.

I wouldn't choose either Navi or Midna, I don't really like or dislike either of them.
Dec 5, 2009
For some reason I love Navi more then Midna. I guess I love OOT more then TP! Anyways, although Navi was quite anoying I still felt a bounding between Link and Navi. But when Navi left when the game ended, I was pissed: "After all the things we did togeheter, you leave! Why would you leave selfish B*tch!" Haha :)

Dirty Link

i think navi is def better then midna. I hated midna to be honest. She thought who she was and would talk **** to anyone who would listen. It was annoying. Navi served her purpose she never did anything besides give you little hints. She had no real personality. She wasnt trying to be a friend or w/e just simply a guide to help first time players. Midna was a little romantically confused imp
Dec 6, 2009
Well, Minda really doesn't care about you as much as Navi does, but, at least she doesn't talk as much!
Overall, I say Minda is better than that little pain in the butt fairy.
But... Navi did give you hints on how to defeat enemies.
So, I guess they're both pretty cool.


True and Noble
Oct 17, 2007
United States of America
As much as I thought Navi was semi-rememberable character from back in the day, Midna has a good backstory, along with good character traits and progression. Navi's just sort of ... there. She's only really there to help you to a low degree.


Archer Extraordinaire
Aug 31, 2009
Fishing pond
Navi actually gave you info on enemies and how to get through the game but she was a little boring

Midna wasnt a sidekick at all she didint give you good information she just was another main character.

I choose Navi. But if tatl wasa choice id choose her because she had a personality but also gave info


Warrior Postman
Sep 30, 2009
I like them both, now. Don't get me wrong. I guess Midna is, overall, a more appealing character. Her personality is dark and cute.

Having said that, I like Navi more hands down. She gave so much useful info in OoT. I had been wondering about enemy names since the first time I played a Zelda game. And Navi had a name for just about all of them. I realize this is a sort of in character game mechanic, but hey, it's useful!

Navi had a pretty good line during the fight with Ganon. I guess it's not as cool as Midna's boldly challenging Ganondorf, but it's pretty appealing in its own right. What exactly was Navi going to do against Ganon? Float around him and scream "hey, listen and watch out" over and over? I've laughed about that to no end, all to navi's credit.

There's a certain mystery associated with Navi, too. She faithfully sticks by Link until the end of the game, where she suddenly floats away, not appearing in the next game. Was she really his friend? Or was she there out of a sense of obligation? Who knows? (Yes, that's right. I like plotholes. :P)


Poe Catcher
Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
Well, I've got a good discussion here for me. Remember, OoT is my favourite, but I thought just about all of the Zeldas were great.

For starters, character development/involvement in the plot. Well, when you think about it, Navi wasn't much involved with the plot. The only thing she did was be the annoying back seat driver (not as annoying as Tatl's bell, however). But, if it wasn't for Navi, Link would have never came to the Deku Tree in his time of crisis (and inevitable death, even if you killed Queen Gohma in thirty seconds with jump attacks and Deku Sticks), or have gone to visit Zelda, or be able to learn about the boss' weak points. However, being directly with the plot, the only plot twist she was involved with was leaving Link at the end of the game and joining Link at the start of the game.

As for Midna, she was quite involved. Is it me, or does her character development seem similar to Linebeck's (selfish at start, very involved at the end, which I think Tatl did that as well)? However, it is that that makes her stand out. She, at first, only used Link as a pawn (someone to do the work for her), not as an actual person. However, it is at that breaking point that she does, in the end, decide to help out Link's and her own causes. However, when you consider it this way, Navi was on Link's side the entire time. Referring to the previous sentence, it was that move that made Navi lack character development, because she knew everything about you and you didn't need to know much about her in the first place. So, for plot/character development, I would have to say Midna won this round.

Now, when it comes to usefulness, there is a bit of a breaking point here. Midna helped you out throughout the quest by saving you from being a wolf for eternity and warping you, but Navi tells you the weak points of each boss/enemy (unless she doesn't know) and helps you target an enemy. So, like I said, there's a breaking point. All of those events are a bit important, but Midna's seems to be a smidge more important, even though I am about to say that both of them win this round.

So, as for who I prefer more? Character wise, I prefer Midna. Usefulness, I prefer both. Yet, Navi actually had that heart-felt feeling towards Link (in a way) that Midna didn't really expose. Then again, Midna helped fight Ganondorf. Yet, I'm still picking a tie for that. Being the OoT fanboy I am, I would have to say Navi, but in general, I would have to say that both were actually pretty awesome.


The Dark Prince of Hyrule
Nov 13, 2009
In the tower of dope (lol)
personally, I haven't played with navi nor Midna (midna by xmas) but i think is the best eventhough both of them at probably the same lvl of annoyance but god is Midna more cute (imp form) and hot in her true form.

Notorious NATE

I like Navi a lot better. Midna seemed arrogant and too dark.

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