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Navi Vs Midna

Who do you like more?

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Golden Yoshi

I like Midna more because she is not as annoying as Navi and she is important to the story.
Jan 3, 2009
Navi is better because she added the adventure for me. She also didn't have millions of grotesque pictures of her. Midna makes me wanna throw up every time. Her face, her helmet, her human form, her fused shadow form, her cuddling around Link with a devilish smile, her Joker smile, and worst of all... she teases you the first time you see her. Midna had personality. A real trashy one. She showed affection for Link and mocked him. That is just ruining Link's good name.

Link Master

The Hero's Master
Oct 14, 2009
Well this is hard to say because Navi will say this is how to defeat an enemy and Midna well is funny and more of the story. So I would have to say Midna is more me. One fairy you forgot is Tatl the fairy in MM but I still say Midna is my favorite.


Feb 2, 2009
I don't know many people that don't like Midna beside myself. Midna just seemed to be more annoying than most characters. She acts like Link is her little slave a lot of the time, riding on his back when Link is in Wolf form. Sure, she was used for some things, like teleporting and such, but she didn't give much advice during puzzles like Navi did.

I also didn't like how Midna was, say, flirty. Especially when you first meet her, she seems like she really digs Wolf Link (owOOOOOOO). Her personality as a whole kind of annoyed me, even though it seems that most people loved her personality.

The way she talked was a small annoyance at times. I don't think whatever language she uses seems to flow well, haha. Although it's pretty funny when you can hear english words or phrases in her "Twilight Language", or whatever you want to call it.

I will admit that it was kind of cool to see her in human form at the end of the game. As a human she seemed a lot more mature than her other form, and I liked that about her.

I think people tend to overrate how annoying Navi is. They act like she's the most annoying player in the whole series, and their only reasoning is "It's annoying when she always says 'hey' and 'listen', and she doesn't give any useful information".

People like this annoy me. Sure, the "hey" and "listen" got annoying at times. But I kind of liked the fact that it was a reminder for me that, hey, you have this fairy, and she can tell you how to solve some puzzles and beat some enemies.

Which leads me to the fact that that Navi was a lot more helpful than Midna, in my opinion. A lot of people think her information is annoying and unhelpful because the only time they've ever used her for anything was when she automatically tells you how to open a door in the Deku Tree. In reality, though, she can help you out. Some minibosses and other enemies were difficult for me to figure out at first, but Navi was right there to tell me how to beat them. People really take her tips for granted.

So overall, I like Navi better than Midna. I'm one of the rare few that disliked Midna's personality, and used Navi's information. Neither are particularly bad sidekicks, though. I've never really thought that the sidekicks in any game angered me too much.


i never thought of navi as annoying during my first playthrough of OOT because it was my first zelda ever.

during my later plays of OOT navi is totally annoying

i prefer midna over navi now because midna never tells you useless things
Nov 26, 2008
I didn't vote because I like them both about equally. I suppose I'll address my thoughts about Navi first...

I did not find Navi very annoying, actually. Tons of people seem to hate her, but she never really bothered me. Actually, rather than her saying "Hey" or "Listen", the only thing she did that ever vaguely irritated me was when she'd occasionally chime in and say where you were supposed to go next. That was kind of annoying, especially in a game with so many sidequests. It would be better if you had the option of asking her like in Twilight Princess.

I liked her enough as a character. Actually I found her quite likable, and some of the things she did were actually kind of cute and amusing, like the whole "Fairy Flying" sequence at the beginning.

She was also a great hint system, and I liked how she functioned a lot.

Now, Midna. I actually hated her guts throughout the first three dungeons of the game. I heard people really liked her, but when I actually saw her, I found her so incredibly annoying and rude. I thought she was a *****. :xd:

Although as time went on... more specifically around the completion of the Lakebed Temple, I took a liking to her. It started with her dialogue when you collected the final Fused Shadow, and it only continued during the sequence with Zant in Lanayru's Spring, and then throughout the rest of the game. She was a very detailed and interesting character, and the lessons she learned throughout the game were very intriguing and they made her into a very likable and in some cases admirable character.

Unfortunately, she wasn't as good as a hint system in my opinion. On both ends of the spectrum, actually. She didn't give you information one whatever you were looking at, which I disliked and frankly, I've missed that since Ocarina of Time. She only gave you vague hints or sometimes just statements about the area you were in. Then on the other hand, the second you encountered certain puzzles, she'd immediately give you an extremely revealing hint, more or less telling you how to do the puzzle before you even start it. I didn't like that.

Though Midna did have some cool powers for you to take advantage of, such as warping and turning into a wolf. I did like that. :)

So for me they both had their pros and cons, and I liked them both equally. Navi was a better hint system, but Midna was a more interesting character. I liked Navi's personality better, but Midna had cool powers. :P


Dark Link is here...
Oct 4, 2009
Definantely Midna. She actually helps you with both information and techniques and is also part of the game. Navi on the other hand, she only says the same things over and over and which can get quite annoying (especially when you want to zoom in, you have to wait for her to shut up) and isn't much in the story, while Midna is.


They both sucked.
Midna was kinda smexy in TP's ending though.

Notorious NATE

Midna is ugly and irritating. I think Navi is the better sidekick.

Dungeon killer

Dungeon's Shall Fall!
Jul 9, 2009
Destroying Dungeons.
Well let's see:

She was a good side kick and gave you info on your enemies, Midna doesn't, she played a small role through the game as giving you hints as to what to do next. But she didn't have anything intersting about her except she is a fairy and the great deku tree sent her to guide you and she would of ignored you if you weren't the hero of time.

Well she has a role of being your side kick and she does a better job than Navi, she plays a major role in Tp and grows to become a better friend than Navi, she also gives you special abilites in the game, transfroming into a wolf, warpping, and basiclly becomes your best friend, which Navi on the other hand doesn't try to at all, she just pretends to show feeling when she feels sad for you (last boss battle when she says your fighting together against Ganon).

So ultimately Minda would be my choice rather than Navi.:D:thinking::nerd:


Designed with you in mind
Dec 29, 2008
I think you got to know Midna alot more than you got to know Navi. Alot of things happened in the game where Midna became a more familiar character. Midna had her weak hour where she was vulnerable, her spunky personality, and her transformation at the end. All of these things made her character in the game develope more. I didn't mind Navi, I just prefer a character who you feel like you get to know in a sense.


Blue Link
Mar 30, 2009
Zora's Domain
Even though I prefer OOT over TP, I like Midna better than Navi, and always will, Midna isn't annoying, she's got personality, and an overall contribution to the story, as with recent Sidekicks such as Linebeck. No wait, I take back calling Midna a sidekick, she's more like a partner.


Jul 15, 2009
I agree with Axle the Beast, and I didn't vote either :P
My thoughts...

Only on later replays did I actually find her annoying- at the time when I played it, I thought it was a really cute idea to have a fairy companion. And even now, her little glowing light always emboldens me in the darkest of caverns... I always found her pretty supportive, just by her presence, if not her dialogue~
And the hints she gave were extremely useful, especially her ability to find enemy weak points. She only really nags at you if you ignore her xDD

I really hated Midna at the start, came across as inconsiderate and bossy :( But as time went along, she gradually became kinder, humbler, until she was at the point of being a supportive partner. On looking back, this was actually a pretty creative way of presenting her character, her personality. I especially like the fact she actually kind of fights-along-side you, with her dark energy attack and when she helps you leap. Though her hints could've been a bit more informative, but her sharp sarcasm actually discouraged me from asking for help, which I'd say is a good thing xDD And imp Midna's adorable to boot xD

So yeah, I love them both really... but if I were to vote, I'd probably go for Midna, just because I like the more active role she seemed to take in fighting situations, as supposed to just providing information :3

But in Navi's defence, there aren't actually any other doors in the Kokiri Village, so it would actually have been the first time Link had seen a door xD I guess she felt she should say something, just in case he started gnawing at the doorknob or something :lol:

zants follower

underling of the dark god
Nov 13, 2009
id have to say navi. you dont "wait for her to shut up" you just press up and she wont talk for like 10 min. also, midna just sits around in your clothes giggling *brrrrr*

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