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Navi Vs Midna

Who do you like more?

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Oct 18, 2008
In my coffin
Of the sidekicks that Link has had, Navi(being the first sidekick), and Midna(one of the newer sidekicks), which do you like more?

I prefer Midna over Navi.
Midna has a real personality, and she grows and develops as the game goes on.

Navi on the other hand has no personality, and plays almost no role in OOT's story.

That's why I chose Midna over Navi.
Oct 26, 2008
Navi has a lot of un-deserved bad rep for constantly saying "Hey....Listen", The only thing I found annoying about Navi was when she forced you to listen at the start for small things like how to open a door :dry:.....I'm pretty sure over the 10+ years Link has been there he opened a door.

Navi also doesn't add anything to the story, But if it were not for her we would have recieved a different sequel, She is the reason MM was made the way it was. Which is a plus but then again I think that the game would have been made just as good.

I prefered Midna much more, She looked good and was excellent compared to Navi, Navi was just a glowing orb with wings, Midna was an Imp like creature who could emotion which added to TP's Story.

Midna also added a lot of depth into TP, Her cutscenes were very good where as Navi's weren't so good. Navi always seemed calm other than 2-3 times, Midna was getting more angry as the game got on which I liked. It built up even more depth to the game.

She had powers that helped Link in his Wolf Form. In OoT you could warp around using the Ocarina of Time, Although the music was a loss to TP Midna was the reason you could warp around Hyrule.

Navi didn't really do much, She gave you a fair amount of useful hints throughout the game but they were out weighed by the amount of useless one's she gave you about everything. She didn't add any depth to the story really.

Then at the end Navi ran off with out much explanation, All I can remember is her just running off, If I remember correctly the reason she left was lame. Midna left because she feared letting what had happened to fall on Hyrule again because of her own people. I liked her ending as well, It was not running away but leaving for the sake of Hyrule.

As you can see above this is why I much prefer much...


Resident Cartographer
Jul 18, 2009
Cloud 9
I depends on what your comparing. navi is more useful, but midna's a better supporting character. (they're both equally annoying)
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
I'll be quite honest when I say that I found Navi to be much more helpful during my first play through of OoT. The first time you go through it, she's not that annoying at all. In fact, I was relieved when I heard her little "Hey!" because I knew I was about to get an not-so-obvious hint. Midna was really all that helpful game play wise. Very few times did I press the Z or Up button to get her opinion about a situation, mainly because I never really needed any help. Having said all that though, I'll go with Midna because she's such a better character. While Navi does have sort of a purpose story wise, Midna has a much greater and better one. Midna also had a personality, something that Navi lacked.


The Shadow Knight
Dec 8, 2008
The City of Lost Souls, South Monotony
I adore both of them.
But if I had to choose, I would say Midna. I just love her spunk and sarcasm, where as Navi was kind and...rather boring. xD But I love her nevertheless.

She's my ringtone. When I get a text message, my phone says "hey! listen!" xD

Halo siera 117

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May 24, 2009
Broken bridge on Death moutian
OMG Navi is my least favorite thing in all zelda games! She WAS useful for the first two minutes but then it got realy annoying!

Midna is better as she was actuly useful most of the game because you could warp and turn into a wolf.

But I still dislike sidekicks altogether so thats what I chose.


The King
Aug 18, 2009
I never found Navi annoying. But I think Midna is a better character and she has more personnality.
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I prefer Midna as she felt like she had more of a story, and I found her marginally less annoying than navi.

El Bagu

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Jul 5, 2008
In Woods. N of River!
I voted for Midna and my reason is just one and you might call it a pathetic one. My reason is that Midna is bigger and more "human"like. A fairy like Navi etc. is just too small and tiny in my opinion.


Corrupted Idiot
Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
I prefer Midna.
Navi has only the role to help you out, she didn't fill a story in OOT. Button info, opening doors and all that. She is really annoying when you know that all... Always annoys you with ''HEY'' ''LISTEN'' while i know what to do.

Navi is not so sarcastic as Midna. Midna had more to tell. she has a big role in TP.
Also Midna has a cool look, the fairy idea was just a simple design. But Navi was always not so annoying as Tatl right? Tatl was killing me in MM >_< Stupidness.
I liked the glowing fairies though. Midna is just win, her ''normal'' human form is totally awesome.


Time for waffles
Jul 9, 2009
Los Angeles
some people actually chose Navi? thats.......strange.0.o
Navi pissed me off so much. I'd be walking through the Lost woods as a child and all of a sudden,"HeyLookListenHeyLookListenHeyLookListen. Lets go see what Saria has to say."
Itried catching her in a bottle.


I prefer Navi, because she dosen't take the spotlight of the entire game. Also, another key difference between the two which makes me like Navi better is that Midna treats you like her servant through the game. Unlike Midna, Navi was unaware of what would happen in the future, and was litterally you companion, and knew just as much about the plot as you did your first time.

Master Kokiri 9

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Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
In my opinion Midna completely destroys navi cuz midna has a personality while navi doesn't, midna actually gives link good advice while navi does the opposite, midna actually helps you get from place to place while navi just floats around you, midna is funny while navi isn't. I'll leave it there.

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