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Navi Annoying?


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Jun 14, 2009
France -Normandy-
She's really annoying when you're already angry about something (for example when you're trying to beat a dungeon for the third time), you're being interrupted for some useless advices. THIS is annoying.

Besides that, I do like Navi, she's cute, funny and she's your friend. Midna was more like Linebeck in my opinion =w=
You were her slave at the beggining of the game. You are forced to use Linebeck's ship in PH, even if you don't like him.

Navi doesn't yell at you when you do something wrong.
She isn't using you for some dark reasons.
She is always trying to help you, if you have a problem with a boss or a dungeon, press up on the C button and she will solve it.

That's why I like Navi.
I admit that she can be annoying sometimes (just like some IRL girls :lol:), but she's your friend.


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Oct 30, 2009
On my PSP...playing OoT...FTW!
I do find Navi helpful... sometimes... most of the time, I wish she would stop saying, "Hey! Listen" or "Look!" It is true that it's very nerve-racking when you keep falling into lava or dying from enemy hits...


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Aug 20, 2009
Navi is not annoying my friends. Saying Navi is anoying is an offense to the GREAT Deku Tree! :P


in my opinion, i think navi is really annoying, she always says obvios things and interrups while doing something important.
Tatl is better.


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Nov 8, 2009
Washington, USA
I think Navi is annoying when she yells at you and when you can't look around with up-c. I think she replaces the fortune teller like in TP.
Oct 28, 2009
I really liked Navi as a partner in OoT, and I didn't find her that annoying. Maybe it's because I've replayed it so much I've gotten used to her constant "HEY! LISTEN!" but you can tune it out. The only thing that annoyed me about her was there'd be a bunch of scenarios like this for me:

Navi: Hey!
Me: Yes?
Navi: The Princess said we should go to Death Mountain!
Me: Okay.
-enter Kakariko village-
Navi: Hey!
Me: What?
Navi: The Princess said we should go to Death Mountain!
-in the Goron place-
Navi: Hey! Listen!
Me: What now?
Navi: The Princess said we should go to Death Mountain!

But like I said, you could ignore that and just not hit c-up. Regardless, I have a soft spot for Navi for some reason.
Jan 19, 2009
Temple of Time
Navi was one of the better conpanions in the series. She did have some very useful information at some times, such as were to go next, and what to do next. Other from those statements, she did get VERY annoying. Most of whatever she said was pointless, and had nothing to do with progressing the story line.


I only hated her after my first playthrough, after that she pissed me off every time she had to stop me to explain something that i already knew in two paragraphs, that owl always angered me for the same reason...


Dec 16, 2009
Navi = great!
Really, just don't play OoT 5 times each year and you'll be fine.

I played OoT 5 times in 10 years. I still like Navi a lot!


I'm back!!
It all depends on how mnay times you played through OOT and your patience.

Remember this is the first 3D Zelda game, probably that's the reason Navi gives you to much advice.
Or do you see Tatl explaining you how to open a door?

Also, this is the first Zelda for many people (including me), and, of course, I needed some help (though I knew what to do at most places... strange).
The only thing that bothered me is the constant 'press the C^ and Navi will tell you what to do'... of course that can be easily avoided.

As for the people who played through OOT multiple times, just stop playing it if Navi bother you that much.


Dec 16, 2009
Tatl demands you to open a door, I don't know if she tells you to press 'A'.... but it was at the very beginning of MM. Either way, it wasn't that much more helpfull.

Tatl only slacks you off. Just like Navi, but rather helping you, she rather enjoys *****ing you off if you ask for help.

The Z-tagetting thing: Both fairies explain this to Link, but the new one kinda tells you you are dumb.
Tatl is stupid! I seriously didn't need that one, I guess.... If distance targetting could be done in another way.

Funny to see the different opinions on the fairies. Personally, I don't want a sidekick. I think it makes Link look silly. In the old games, he can deal with everything on his own. Did our ALttP hero need help? I don't think so!

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Jun 11, 2009
Horrid, Ohio
Navi can be so annoying...though I've never was bothered by her when I was first playing it. She seemed like such a cool and cute character. Now, after going to a few forums and reading how some people view her, I became easily annoyed by her. To think, if I never went on the forums, such as this forum, I'd never have thought she'd be annoying. But it was worth coming here. :)
Jan 28, 2008
Santa Barbara, CA
I mean she only really FORCES you to listen to her in the very begining of the game and if your bothered by her nagging either mute your TV or just listen to her like ONE box of dialouge... it really isn't that bad...
Inside Deku Tree:

"HEY! You can open the door by pressing A. Pay attention to the action icon!"

"HEY! You can grab that block by pressing A. Pay attention to the action icon!"

Dodongo's Cavern:

"HEY! There's lava pits, so watch your step."

"HEY! Use Z to look the right way so you don't get owned by those sharp metal thingies."

Jabu Jabu's Belly:

(while already holding Ruto)
"HEY! It looks like you won't be able to press this switch with your weight alone!"

"HEY! That red slimy thing is gone, maybe it's cause you cut that thingy."

before Forest Temple:

"HEY! Remember when I taught you about using Z to face the right way? Well I'm telling you again for no reason!"

All forced interrupts. I'm sure I forgot several.

I love Ocarina of Time, but I really wish there was a way to turn off Navi's forced dialogues. There are a lot more than you might remember, and it wastes so much time.

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