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Name Your Loftwing


Sage of Tales
That is easy for me, though a bit strange...

I am a longtime fan of "Trigun," therefore, anything red to me is "Vash." The protagonist of that series, Vash the Stampede, is easily distinguishable by his bright red long duster. (It probably serves to hide blood, given his dangerous lifestyle). I currently drive a red car, it's nickname is "Vash." I have a tower-computer that's got a red casing and it's officially named "Vash" on the home network.

When I'm playing Link, my riding-bird is red, therefore, said bird is "Vash," even if Link himself might beg to differ. With me in charge, that thing is a "Feathery Typhoon" and a real outlaw. *Grin.*
May 5, 2012
In the land of no return :D
I thought the loftwing as a male and if I could've named him, I would've named him Aveair (A-v-air) idk why but I like that name for it and the name kinda popped in my head when I saw the loftwing I was a bit disappointed I couldn't name him :(

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