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Name Your Loftwing

Apr 4, 2012
My six-year old wanted to name my Loftwing. He decided that the loftwing is a girl and named her Ellie.

Do we know if Link's loftwing was male or female, and what would you name it?


Twilit wildcat: Aerofelis
Both Link and Zelda have male loftwings, theyre refered to as "he" multiple times. Funny thing though: Pipit also uses male pronouns when talking about his loftwing, but I consider it to be a girl...

I named all of them.

Link's: Firebolt(m, red)
Zelda's: Typhoon(m, blue)
Pipit's: Nova(f, gold)
Karane's: Emerald(f, green)
Groose's: Steel(m, black)
Fledge's: Sunrise(f, yellow)
Cawlin's: Thunder(m, gray)
Stritch's: Lightning(m, tan)

Had to guess a couple colors...


May 10, 2012
I'd want the female equivalent to Groose's pompadour loftwing. Can she come in day-glo orange? If so I'll name her Clementine or Kumquat.

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