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General Zelda Mythological Creatures in Zelda


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Feb 8, 2011
Recently I was watching someone play World of Warcraft, and their main mode of transportation was a griffin. It got me thinking about how cool it would be if Zelda began integrating more species from this world into Hyrule's universe. What kind of mythological creatures would be fitting for Zelda? Minotaurs, for example, could be a brawny enemy type, much like the Moblins, but wield a different weapon and actually attempt to charge straight Link. This would add some interesting diversity to the way modern enemies are fought nowadays.

Simply, do you think Zelda should include fantastical beast's from today's legends and myths? If so what would you want them to be?
There haven't been many great, new enemy designs in 3D Zelda since the N64 days. It's time for a change in pace. In fact, in one of my threads awhile back, I proposed Zelda scrape its enemies completely and start anew.

Mythology has always fascinated me. I remember reading piles and piles of books about heroes like Hercules, Theseues, Perseus, and Odysseus when I was younger. We've already seen a centaur like creature-the Lynel-in the earlier 2D games. They were among the tougher foes; with Zelda lacking heavy enemies aside from the Iron Knuckle and Darknut, I would appreciate if Ninty reintegrated the Lynel in the future.

The griffin idea discussed in the opening post certainly could work. I've always wanted to see cyclops in Zelda as well-not as an easy opponent requiring you to shoot an arrow in its eye but one with intelligence and dexterity. Perhaps they could serve as mini-boss enemies as Lizalfos often do.
Feb 14, 2012
Well, I think they shouldn't take in too much of western mythologi. I think it's best that they keep on with what they are doing allready. Yeah, it would be great with some changes. But I can't really see cyclops (as in greek mythologi) and griffins in Zelda, they have to do something with them, to make them more Zelda-ish. When I'm thinking griffin, I have a hard time to see anything else than the ones in World of Warcraft and Harry Potter, and that wouldn't look good in the Zelda-universe. And hey, we have allready got a cyclops-thing in Phantom Hourglass and a Link to the Past, yeah I know you have to shoot it in the eye, but it's a cyclops nonetheless and it fits into the Zelda-world in my opinion.
Just to sum it all up. I think that if you change too much and implement too much western mythologi, it will not be Zelda anymore. They have to be careful with something like that.
I don't think that creatures like minotaurs and griffins should start cropping up in Zelda, Zelda has a good handle on its own universe without needing to bring in already existing myths from our world. When i play Zelda it may be generic sometimes but most of what i see within it is new and original, i'd be so bored if i kept coming across creatures and myths that i was familiar with instead of experiencing the talents of the design team.


Aug 24, 2010
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Though I don't think we'll be seeing a griffin any time soon, it would be nice if the series could go back over previous rides and make use of those. Beyond the birds (LttP, LA, SS), and Epona, the Oracle games had a few different aides in the carrying department as well. It'd be nice to see similar make a return, or find new helpers/rides for fast travel or obstacle-scaling.


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Jan 16, 2013
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I really Zelda has many good enemy designs. SS simply avoided the traditional route. Octoroks, Tektites, Peahats, those skeletons that come of the ground, and the beloved Poe, these are enemies we all know and love. They should be brought back.

I think some cool mythological creatures would be cool. They need some western creatures like gryphons. I want a huge centaur, or maybe some sort of gorgon-like creature. These could darken the series, and they could provide for some interesting gameplay. Imagine if you had to use the mirror shield to reflect a gorgon's stare and turn other monsters to stone. How about having to chase down and fight a centaur on horseback. These would be totally awesome battles. Eh?


Oct 24, 2012
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This is exactly one of the greatest things I admire about Zelda is its original creature designs. Sure, many of the common enemies are derivative of creatures seen elsewhere (even in the real world) but at least for those they're given unique names.

They're not "snakes" they're "ropes"
They're not "spiders" they're "tektites" (with four legs) or "skulltullas"
They're not "ghosts" they're "poes"
They're not "goblins" they're "bulblins"

Creatures such as the Gorons and Zoras just don't compare to anything else. Forget the same ol' Elves and Dwarves. I get enough Tolkien wannabees elsewhere. If the series does draw more from the creatures of classical mythology, I would prefer it if they keep Zelda's unique naming conventions.

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