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My Top 10 Moments. (From the Zelda Games I Have Actually Beaten)


Jun 8, 2011
In the closet, with the cookie monster
7) Zelda sealing herself in that carmel thing (IDK) I almost cried. I dies for her. 13 times in fact and this is what she does to me.
Lol. I must have died about that much too.

My top moments are:
10. Ganon's death in LoZ. I hadn't properly played the original before i was fifteen and finally going back to this game and actually beating it made me really happy just to say i've beaten the one that started it all.
9. Yeto and Yeta from TP. These two yeti characters were fantastic, from the look to even the way they spoke. I loved them from the very minute i laid eyes on Yeto on the top of snowpeak.
8. After dealing the final blow to Ganon in TP, seeing him die still standing, motionless on the hilltop. It was just an epic death scene, having his body highlighted by the glow of the background.
7. 'the wind... it is blowing'. While i haven't actually played WW, i do know this quote and the reasoning behind it; that the wind brought only death in the gerudo desert. It made me have to sit and think more about Ganondorf's character as more than just a lust for destruction.
6. Seeing that Midna really cares for a select few of the ligth world's inhabitants. After she is saved by Zelda, Midna reveals herself to actually care about the princess' wellbeing and the player's just before that.
5. While not an in-game moment, number 5 is actually when i found my mother's maps for all 9 dungeons and the overworld of the original LoZ. Finding those maps made me realize that my mum had also been a gamer and actually inspired me to, whenever i can, set up the NES and our copy of LoZ for her to play through, because she never quite finished.
4. In TP, walking all action-movie-hero style through the hidden village using the bow to mow down the bulblins nested there. I almost just put using the TP bow (i have the wii version) because i really loved the controls, until i remembered this.
3. Simply, LttP. I don't know what it is, but every time i think of this game, i smile. It's my favourite game in the series for no fathomable reason and i just can't help feeling happy about it.
2. Linebeck III. PH was my first zelda game, so when i heard the familiar music and say that man walk into the room in ST, i laughed with immeasurable joy.
Finally, 1. The finale to PH. After leaving the realm of the Ocean King behind, having just defeated Bellum, when i saw Linebeck's ship puffing away in the ocean in the 'real world' i felt happier than i probably should ever feel about a video game. Every time i think/see/read about that moment, when the ship i spent hours commanding had proven to be as real as crew of the beginning ship. I'm smiling/tearing up now.

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