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My Take On the No Partners in Paper Mario Sticker Star

Mar 2, 2012
Although I do thiink that there absolutley WILL be partners in Sticker Star, I think they will only help you in the field because think about it: How would the partners fight? One could argue that they could use the some of the stickers Mario collects throughout the game. But since the partner would just be used sort of like another turn for the player and since they put in the battle spin to increase your chances of being able to attack more than once in a single turn, it would be pointless for a partner in sticker star to have to fight. But that's just me. What are your thoughts?
Aug 25, 2012
Indiana, USA
I'm not terribly informed on the subject, so I can't make any conclusions I feel strongly about. Obviously, anyone who's watched the trailers for Sticker Star has seen some partners (Toad and Chain Chomp, for instance), so we know you will at least have helpers in some format. I could swear, though, that I saw the Chain Chomp and perhaps some other partners in the actual battle scenario with Mario, not just following him in the field. Judging by this, I would say partners do have a role in the battles. It remains to be seen if they have their own attacks and specialties as in the first two Paper Mario games, but I'm 95% certain they contribute pretty deeply to battles.

I haven't heard much on the battle spin, but it sounds like an occasional bonus event rather than something constant. But like I said, you sound more informed on the subject than I do, so I can't lecture anyone. I have high hopes for Sticker Star regardless.

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