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My Majora's Mask Theory.

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May 5, 2011
Temple of Time
I'm kinda new to this theory thing, but I'll try.

Everyone knows that Majoras Mask is about Link looking for Navi after she disappeared in OoT, then he gets trapped in a 3-day cycle trying to save the world. What you don't know is the subliminal messages that the game has tried to hide.

The first being that the world of Termina isn't a new area, but more of an alternate history. In this history, when Zelda ran away, she escaped to Termina. Link followed her, but when it got to the woods part (in the intro) he lost sight of her. This is when he encountered Skull Kid, then events took off from there. I believe there is a direct link between Zelda and Skull Kid, which changed his intentions. I'll explain that now.

The world of Termina is actually an evil land, instead of the kind, peaceful land it's portrayed to be. Majora knew this, and tried to destroy the land countless times, but the four giants disallowed it. When the giants split up into the areas, the public were unable to call upon them. Majora thought this would be the perfect time to attack, but needed a host body to protect himself, in case something happened. This is when skull kid found the mask. But I don't think Skull Kid was looking for the mask, rather than he was drawn to the mask through telepathy. When he tried on the mask, Majora took over his mind and made him the Skull Kid he appeared to be in the game. Majora thought rather than asking for help (because he was in aware of whether he could be trusted or not), he would get his attention somehow. He thought the best way to do this was to take something, make him get followed, then he would be aware of the situation. But first, he needed to test his power. So he transformed Link into a Deku, making him powerless. He would then continue to get stronger and stronger as he went along. But Link was doing this to try and stop the moon, because he was played by the world of Termina, and he thought they were good. So Majora had to make more traps to try and stop Link from saving Termina. That's why he cursed the four areas, trapping the giants with the curse that the areas were bound to.

When Link went into the moon, The five children were their with the remains of the Guardians (The Guardians were not cursed, but they were simply testing Links strength). When the final child wearing a clone of Majoras Mask gave Link the Fierce Deity mask, he gave Link the evil intentions that Link thought Majora was capable of. Even without wearing the mask, Link started to become corrupt, which made him want to kill Majora to save the land of Termina, but he was completely aware of what was going on at this time. But the Fierce Deity mask would not allow it, because this was the true evil.


Gone (Wind) Fishin'
Jul 16, 2010
Montreal, QC, Canada
The Theory Section is for offering your perspective on how the Zelda games are interconnected, using in-game evidence. Please use as much in-game evidence as possible when creating a theory; you haven't really constructed a theory, but more of a story. Please look at some of the other threads in this section, ideally Mosley's Timeline guide (although you do not specifically have to make a thread about the timeline).
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