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My amazing tunes

Aug 18, 2012
I have created, what I believe, to be amazing themes and tunes which are the best of the best and I wish to share them. But there is something quite strange, fascinating, and intriguing going on that I would like to share to you. When I made a very brief Michael Jackson song in my mind from certain lyrics, that tune in my mind actually matched the greatness and catchy quality of one of MJ's actual tunes. I have put down the notes to that tune and, when I listened to it, it really was that great. But I then went to the gym to work out, I came back home, and I listened to it again. This time, it was all just a bunch of notes that didn't convey anything. Sure, it might classify as an actual tune, but this tune was now no different than if someone plucked out any old random keys on the keyboard. I have lost the memory of what that tune was actually supposed to be. I managed to conjure up that memory and then all of that randomness faded away in that instant. That tune was back to being perceived as that great and mighty MJ tune I came up with in my mind.

Therefore, I can clearly gather from this that what I am producing does not match up with the great tunes in my mind. I have a memory of those great tunes in my mind and these memories blind me from seeing the flaws of the tunes I have produced in the real, physical world. It's no wonder why so many people hate my tunes and why I become so frustrated because I think it's all great with no flaws when, in reality, a memory of the real great tunes in my mind are only blinding me from perceiving the flaws/randomness of the reproduced tunes. I mean, I think I might have gotten the notes and rests right with my reproduced tunes. But something is missing to make these tunes the great ones I hear in my mind rather than random tunes and I don't know how to explain it. Even if I shared my tunes and they were deemed as something great or beautiful, then I would have no way of knowing whether they were entirely different tunes that conveyed something beautiful than the tunes I had in mind, if they were the real produced tunes I heard in my mind being shared, or if they were just random tunes that others simply deemed as great and beautiful.

If only I could have two perceptions going on at once where I would be able to perceive both how the tunes really are in the physical world and, at the same time, have the memory of the actual tune I hear in my mind. But it seems as though the memory completely alters my perception of the reproduced tunes and transforms these tunes into the ones I hear in my mind. Thus, I am being fooled and blinded from seeing how the tunes really are in the physical world. This is all neuroscience and how my brain works, unfortunately. I wish my brain would allow those two perceptions. That way, I could produce real music rather than being fooled into thinking it is real music and real themes that convey the emotions I describe when all it really was in the physical world was just random keys being plucked out on a keyboard or other instrument. Therefore, that is why I have to resort to continually performing this little experiment where I present my tunes, see how others respond to them, and make adjustments to my tunes if others respond to them with disgust or if they have a sort of apathetic response to them. I then present the modified tunes and hope that people eventually get the real amazing theme I was trying to convey all along.

Here is my newest tune. This is a tune I made that expresses Amy transforming into her super form. I have made use of lyrics in the creation of this tune. I don't remember the lyrics, but me creating lyrics is the best way for me to articulate tunes. Maybe lyrics is all I need to come up with great tunes. One last thing here. This tune would actually be a tune taken from Amy Rose's new theme song. Basically, her new theme song is being stated briefly and summarized into this simple tune to express the transformation into her super form. If you have ever watched certain cartoons or anime where you hear the full theme song of a character, there are moments where the theme is stated very briefly in one tune for certain moments.

Edit #1: Here is a better theme I made. The melody conveys a bizarre, distant future era Link has traveled to. It's not the instrument choice that conveys this personality, but the melody itself conveys this catchy, compelling personality. At least, from my perspective anyway. Again, I have no idea how others would perceive it which is why I am presenting this theme here as well:

Here is my best theme so far which is that new Michael Jackson song I mentioned earlier:

This my Amy tune on a piano instrument in case the other version of her tune was not very eligible due to the synth instruments I have used.

This tune, in addition to the Shadow one, is supposed to express the Twilight Princess version of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It expresses a powerful and intense love and compassion that Link has in saving another person's life. The tune starts out being sung softly at a higher octave by a female choir. It is then sung powerfully at the lower octave by a male choir. However, the choir I am using for this new theme for Link is not top of the class. Remember, it's about the tune itself and you can set the instrument choice aside. Furthermore, the type of choir I hear in my mind is top of the class and the software I use does not have such advanced choir. I am, at this point, only sharing to you the tunes I have. I have no harmony, chords, or anything else to it since I am not yet educated in this area of music. If I was educated on some level, then I forgot. But the thing is, I am quite sure the tunes themselves and their power can get across to other people who listen to them even without the harmony, chords, proper choir/instruments, etc.

That is what I was wanting to do now is to get my tunes as they are across to others. This is because I am excited over these amazing, compelling, and powerful tunes I hear in my mind and I don't want to wait to share them. I do not want to have to wait until I am fully educated. But if these produced tunes are still deemed as stale, lame, or not good, then, for whatever strange reason, the produced tunes are not matching up with what I hear in my mind. It could be that or it could be the case that the tunes themselves are correct, but none of it can get across without the harmony, chords, proper instrumentation, etc. But, like I said before, at least look at the structure of my tunes since they have a pattern of notes. My themes have actual structure and aren't just random notes placed everywhere. I have been coming up with these interesting themes in my mind and it really seems like I have full access in my head to create any sort of catchy and compelling tune I want. As a matter of fact, my goal would be to create an actual song in my mind later on and I think I have full access to creating any sort of song I want.

This tune expresses Shadow the Hedgehog. If it doesn't really express him, then it is supposed to be a dark, powerful, dramatic, catchy, simple theme, nonetheless.

I would like to say one last thing here which is very relevant. I have actually created a new funny Family Guy scene. It is my best one and I will present it here since it is very relevant to what it is I have to say next:

My Best Family Guy Funny Scene: Quagmire is acting like a pervert as usual and his women are a bit tired of it. They ask him why he has to always be such a pervert all the time. Quagmire responds by saying that being a pervert is a completely natural and wild instinct. He then asks:

"Did you know that wolves are perverts, too?"

The scene then changes over to a wolf in humanoid form next to an attractive woman. The wolf says:

"I will huff, I will puff, and I will blow your blouse down!"
This scene, in my honest opinion, would fit perfectly well with all of the other funny scenes in Family Guy. There are those types of funny scenes in Family Guy that make us chuckle a little and then there are those scenes that make us laugh. I think this scene of mine is one that would make one laugh. If you were to present this joke of mine to Family Guy fans, I bet they would tell you that this funny scene I made is pure gold and that it would literally be one of those funny scenes in Family Guy that would make one laugh. They would tell you that it would be very memorable. As a matter of fact, if I were to go up to the producers of Family Guy and present this scene to them, I bet they would also think the same way. I bet they would really want to take my scene and use it in the show. But many people out there do not find the funny scenes in Family Guy to be funny at all. But then there are many people out there who do find these scenes funny.

It could be the case that these other people who don't find them funny are just having too high of a standard to appreciate and embrace their comical greatness. This means that if anyone finds my made up scene unfunny, then the scene really is comical and other people are just having factors that are preventing them from embracing, seeing, and appreciating its comical greatness. Another factor could be that this just isn't their style of humor. Therefore, if I were to fully learn how to make real music, I created some amazing themes, presented them to others, and others did not like them, then all of those factors I mentioned here could also be at work when it comes to my themes not being liked. Like I said before, there are simple forms of art such as simple, compelling themes as well as simple, compelling funny scenes such as the funny scene I made up.

Then there are complicated and well crafted songs, themes, funny scenes, and works of art. Never dismiss the simplistic art forms since they, again, have a lot of soul to them. I have even heard people say that Michael Jackson's music was like kindergarten level music due to their high musical standards. As you can see here, such factors only serve to blind people from the greatness, soul, and power that MJ's music has. People have been profoundly moved by his music and having such high standards or other factors, in a way, makes you like a machine who cannot experience and embrace the soul of MJ's music or other artworks. If my funny scene or MJ's music is simply not your style, then I would put no blame on you for not liking my funny scene, MJ's music, or any other artwork for that matter. But if there are those other unjustified factors at work instead contributing to your disliking of any work of art, then I see every bit wrong with that.

But like I was saying, the very fact that I am able to come up with such golden Family Guy funny scenes makes it quite plausible that I am also coming up with these amazing tunes and themes I describe in my head. I could literally be coming up with the next best Zelda tunes and themes or the next best MJ tunes. I can't prove that, but it makes it quite plausible. After all, since I have proven to you with these funny Family Guy scenes that I do have a level of creativity that is golden, then why can't that golden creativity also apply to coming up with music in my head? I have never studied up on comedy and I was able to come up with this amazing funny scene through pure instinct alone and the same thing could apply to coming up with these amazing themes in my mind. In other words, I have a natural talent. I come up with certain ideas or works of art that match the greatness of whatever it is I was creating my ideas for whether it be funny Family Guy scenes, Michael Jackson songs, the next best Zelda tunes, etc.

Of course, as I said before, articulating this funny scene was very easy since I know the English language and I know the proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. But when it comes to articulating (reproducing) these amazing themes I hear in my mind, that is a whole different story and is something far more difficult since, apparently, there is far more to getting your themes across than having the right notes and the right rests. Like I said earlier though, I might have gotten some notes and rests wrong. However, I did my best. I will say a few things here before moving on. Humor and music are naturally wired into us. That is why there are so many people out there who can naturally come up with golden comedy scenes without ever having studied up and trained in comedy.

The same thing applies to many people having a natural talent in coming up with the next best themes in their own minds. But anyway, I am speaking words of wisdom and truth here and you should listen to me. You should not dismiss my musical claims as nonsense or that of an inflated ego. As I said before in one of my packets, I am a messenger of truth and I am not trying to insult anybody, not trying to inflate my ego, and I have every justified reason to be convinced that these themes I hear in my mind truly are that great as I describe them to be. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't dismiss my worldview that I explain in my book and other packet since these could very well be words of truth and wisdom, too, despite how much nonsense it might all seem to you right now. I instead see every justified reason to treat me with honor, praise, respect, glory, and to see me as having every right to my own personal values without deeming said values as spoiled, childish, etc.

I would actually like to say one last thing. That is, if you were to, for example, present just the notes themselves of the song "Amazing Grace" without all the other elements such as chords, bass line, etc., then it wouldn't be as powerful as the fully perfected Amazing Grace. But the power of the simplistic Amazing Grace can still be appreciated and embraced anyway since that beautiful power is still there on some level. People can still get the idea of what it is and it is this idea that can be embraced and appreciated. That is what I was trying to do with my themes. But, again, it failed either because people were just having other factors and high standards or my themes really did sound like random tunes due to the fact that there is something missing that I am unaware of to make them the real amazing themes I have in my mind.
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