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Musicals, Like Them or Not?

Do you like Musicals?

  • Like them

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  • Okay, not too bad

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  • Hate them!

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  • Can't decide.

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Nov 20, 2008
I really enjoy Musicals. I saw Shrek on Broadway and didn't have any expectations for it, but it was great. My two Favorite are By Team StarKid (StarKidPotter). A Very Potter Musical, and the newly Released Very Potter Sequel are both on YouTube and are Mind-blowing Harry Potter Musicals. Please check them out. I am going to see a High School Production of RENT tonight.


Feb 6, 2010
Bournemouth, UK
I like Grease, but other than that, no. I don't knowwhy I don't like them other than the fact that they're so tedious.


Sep 20, 2008
I like musicals, but i'm not a huge fan. My favorite would have to be the absolutely amazing The Lion King musical that I saw on the West End while I was in London.
Sep 15, 2009
Cali For Nuh
I've been in choir for over 15 years, and well, I absolutely adore musicals....

The ones I've seen live
The Lion King
Joesph and The Technicolor Dreamcoat
Les Mis
The Man of La Mancha (Don Quixote)
Beauty and the Beast
Bye Bye Birdie
High School Musical (yeah I saw it live... wasn't that great)

Ones I've seen recordings or movies of

Phantom of the Opera
O Brother Where Art Thou
The King and I
Singing in the Rain
The Music Man
Sound of Music
(i know there's others i've seen but I'm having difficulty remembering at the moment)

My favorite would have to be Man of La Mancha or The Lion King on Broadway, the soundtrack, if you havent heard it you should definitely check it out... its amazing, the costuming was even more amazing and the acrobatics involved in some of the scenes are just breath taking.


Wild Card
Jun 14, 2010
I enjoy musicals. Haven't really seen many live,though. However, my school did do a production of Hair last year( they do a musical every few years), and one of my buddies was in a leading role. The show was so great:love:
Hopefully soon I am going to take a trip to New York with my school, maybe I'll get to see a musical there.


You Mean, Green Thing
Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
Musicals=awsomeness. I love them. My favorite at the moment(it keeps changing) is The Sound of Music. I have watched them since I was little, so it is impossible for me not to like them.

I love StarKidPotter! His musicals are funny and dramatic:suspicious:


Hyrulian Knight
Mar 7, 2011
I saw enough of High School Musical to put me through a roof. I hate musicals. They are just annoying to me.
I like Grease, but other than that, no. I don't knowwhy I don't like them other than the fact that they're so tedious.
This is how i feel..i suppose some are ok but sometimes they just get annoying with all the musical numbers..of course i'm only talking about tv musicals..never been to a real musical and i don't think i want to..i mean i suppose funny musicals can be ok but other than that not for me..


that depends some of them like my fair lady are stupid others are awesome

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