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Music You Like in Genres You Don't Like


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What are songs/bands/artists/albums/compositions you like in genres you're not a fan of? You don't have to hate the genre--you could just be indifferent to it.


You'll find mostly prog, metal, classic rock, and classical in my library. I actively dislike much rap music, which couldn't be further removed from the music I love. I've heard some songs that aren't bad, but few I'm enthusiastic about.

The Tony Hawk games introduced me to a couple of my most frequently listened to genres (punk and metal), but I always turned off all of the rap music in the game after a couple of listens. This is the only one that survived the purge in Tony Hawk's Underground.


It incorporates Badinerie by J.S. Bach, one of his more popular pieces. Baroque in general, and Bach specifically, was in regular rotation on my CD player ten years ago when I first heard this, so that certainly helped, but the fast rapping was interesting. The flute is a nice touch--it's a beautiful instrument.

I have no idea what he's rapping about--props to him if it's not about sex, drugs, or being a thug, as those are other things that keep me away from much of the popular rap music--but it's very musical and plays well to my tastes. If all rap music sounded like this, I might actually own a single rap album!


May 10, 2012
I only like a handful of rap songs. This is one of them:


didn't build that
Meant to add this to my first post. While I like many genres of metal, death metal has never quite clicked with me. This song is an exception. It's so dark, atmospheric, and sad, I can't help but love it. Even the cover art is fascinating.

My music taste has drifted into the 'out of touch' genre. I have no idea about modern music anymore and I'm always disgusted at what i hear on the radio should i ever be near one.

I've never really liked rap but some Eminem songs have been alright. Mainstream i know.
don't like pop or what passes for pop because pop sounds so much like dance and r'n'b right now that i cant differentiate them but the last song i liked in that kind of scene was a sng called 'Hall of Fame' by a band called The Script.

Nothing else stands out to me in the mess that is the music business, even the bands i followed began to bore me and or stab me in the back.


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Feb 8, 2011
Generally I'm into various branches of rock or other things, such as symphonic pieces and some techno, that keep up a rhythmic beat, so if anything adverse to that comes on then I'll try to tone it out of my mind. It's taken me a few years to pinpoint what drives me toward disliking certain genres, and I've come to find that the repetitious tempos are the cause of this. The top three are:

Pop - By this I mean the contemporary artists who are idolized by people everywhere, but don't produce that good a quality of music... Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepson might have good voices off the mic, yet their music styles (such as Call Me Maybe and Baby) consist of annoying, repetitive phrases throughout a song. Only good those styles do is cause a headache. However, as with anything, there are also shining examples within this genre.


Country - Saying this might be like stepping on someone's toes, but I don't see the pleasure about listening to someone tell me they're sitting on a tractor, swimming in the creek next to the crawdad hole, or drowning their worries away with a bottle, which seem to be the themes of the majority of Country. Additionally almost every song has fiddles/violins and specialized electric guitars blaring throughout, with a monotone voice joining along. Altogether, it's difficult for me to get a liking of that style...nevertheless, it can also be used to create something beautiful.


Rap - Hanyou covered my exact sentiments on this earlier. I simply cannot stand this genre for its prominent...pomposity. Every song, nearly, has a message oriented around "being thuggish" or doing drugs (or something far more heinous), with the voice being so fraught with auto-tune. Auto-tune oftentimes makes the singer rapper sound like he swallowed a piece of sandpaper―an immediate shutdown for me. Until something like this comes along.

I generally don't like metal-type music, but I do listen to quite a few songs like that from the band Maximum the Hormone. Especially this one:
(Note: I didn't see any curse words in the lyrics, but I'm putting the song in a spoiler just to be safe. Gaze upon the video at your own risk.)


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Aug 1, 2012
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I listen to every genre of music, but I have never been a big fan of these 3 genres.

Pop - I don't know why I don't really like pop, it's just something I don't listen to often. There are some songs I hear on the radio that I like but I don't like them enough to put them on my iPod. I listen to some Katy Perry and put some of her song on my iPod. The only Katy Perry song I listen to often is I Kissed a Girl. I also like Get the Party Started by P!nk

Rap - I don't like rap because most of it sounds the same to me. About 90% of the rap songs I have heard start out with "I woke up in the morning". Pardon my language but no ****. Unless you are like those weird people who wake up at noon. I have never understood that. Anyways, rant over. The only rap song I really like is Lose Yourself by Eminem

Country - (I don't consider these artist as country but a lot of other people do.) I like Taylor Swift and Johnny Cash. I don't listen to country that much


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Jan 31, 2010
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I don't like Christian music and sometimes highpitch voices can get on my nerves but this one is pretty good:

I'm NOT a fan of computerized music BUT I adore Rammstein:


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Feb 22, 2010
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I freaking love Nine Inch Nails to death, but their first album was very........ synthpop.


Another synthpop band I like is Foster The People, but they're more like indie pop than synthpop.


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