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Multiple users are unable to view the site


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Jan 19, 2018
Multiple users—including myself—have been unable to get on ZD for roughly a day from their home networks (both on their computers and phones). Turning off the wifi and using data and connecting to other networks appears to work for the users who have tried it.

Effected users include myself, Pendio, Minish, and Rag from what I've gathered. Niki also had the same issue, but Mases fixed it for her. A wider fix is probably necessary.

Thanks in advance. Let me know if you need any immediate feedback to test anything.
Is this the same thing where it goes really slow and then doesn't work at all for a while?

It was doing it daily a few months ago for a while too. I don't know what it is that does it, but this isn't the first time.

Princess Niki

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Aug 27, 2011
Like Rubik mentioned Mases had to fix it for me using my IP address, so something is really off. I was having the same issue as you @Satan, YouTube was working just fine while Zelda would just not load period. I got it to work on my phone by turning off WiFi and using Data.

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I did notice it being laggy or like, not loading, but usually if I exited the tab and tried again it'd work. Not sure what's up though but I can confirm that it works fine via mobile data, which is how I'm online right now, lol.
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Mine was down for a bit with just my wifi, but came back up after a while. Don't have mobile data so I can't say if it works with that when it's down for me.

Usually seems to have trouble loading earlier in the mornings though.


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I was having issues accessing ZD a few times over the weekend myself too but it seems to be back to normal for me now.

The issue has been raised in the staff chat and I am awaiting further information from @Mases regarding whether or not specific IPs are being impacted site wide.

If you are having sustained issues (i.e. the site or forums isn't loading for you at all at any time) please PM Mases and myself together with your IPv4 and IPv6 address (you can find that here https://whatismyipaddress.com/) of the network where you are seeing the issues so that it can be troubleshooted. Please let those who can't access the site at all know that they can send this information to me on Discord alternatively.

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