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Spoiler Most Useless Item


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Sep 10, 2011
Magic Powder from a link to the past, all it does is make stuff into other stuff, it's practically irrelevant


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Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
There is actually so many items throughout the series that are not really required to pass the complete the game. But if I have to choose a useless item in Ocarina of Time, I would have to choose the Ice arrows, the Deku seeds, and the Sword Plaque for the Biggoron Sword. Ice arrows because you get them nearly the end of the game, Deku seeds because all they do is create a small burst of light, and the Sword Plaque, because Biggoron let's you keep it for fun. Still, it wasted an item slot, but I also love Biggoron ever since Ocarina of Time, so I'm not going to complain.
Aug 1, 2011
Kalamazoo, MI
I say the Farore wind,this item is SO useless,I never use this item once(exept the first time to see it)it can bring you back to the room where you used it but its so pointless,its not like the dungeon were so long that you need to keep you location if you most turn off your N64,you can just save your game and return in no time and continue.
I used it a few times to avoid having to backtrack. Useful as a time saver.

Has no one thought of the Book of Mudora from LttP? I feel ashamed to have to get it every time. First of all, what jerk put it on top of the shelf? Did they want no one else to read it? And why, for the love of the non-existent Hylian goddesses, does a Hylian kid need a book to translate Hylian script!? What language is Link speaking, if not Hylian? And there are only four places to use it, only two of them do you need to visit to progress.
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I'm going to have to say the Horse Call from Twilight Princess. As mentioned before, by the time you actually get it you can just warp anywhere you want.


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Sep 2, 2011
Zora cape, Termina.
Now some people say magic powder/bug net from alttp. its actually very useful. u grab a bottle, use magic powder on an anti-fairy, catch it in a net, and -poof- fairy in a bottle, u just got ur uses. of course, i havent made it to the dark world yet, so im not sure whats there...

Farores wind is MUCH more useful than you think. say you need to stock up on fairies because your low on health, but dont want to lose your progress? use farores wind, warp out, get fairies, use farores wind.

Dominion Rod! while yes, it doesnt have much use after the temple of time, it is required. and you use it thru the temple of time. and you get to smash things with a giant hammer. does that not make up for the uselessness later on?

Horse call: how r u supposed to jump over gates? warp over em? also, keep in mind theres a good deal of space between warp points, namely hyrule field *coff*

All night mask? works towards 3 heart pices and the fiecre diety mask!

Deku Nuts: they are extremely useful in some case. lotsa shaboms go bye bye when deku nuts go off. you can actually stun stalfos with them! allowing oyu to prepare a jump attack.

Ice arrows: actually, i really cant think up a use for this... i suppose you can freeze water with it but... theres not much water when u get it....
Sword plaque: duh its useless.

i think i cover em all.
Sep 21, 2011
I have a tie between the Dominion Rod, The Slingshot, & Epona's charm-all of which are from TP.
The Dominion Rod was cool at first since u could use it to control that statue with the hammer. I had a ball with it...until we left th Temple of Time. We just gathered some letters after that, making it a very stupid item. I could see alot of potential with it & since it was in the Temple of Time, where the Master Sword was, & it also helping us getting to the Sky, I hope to see at least a easter egg of it in Skyward Sword.

The slingshot was ultimitly a huge fail in this game. You only used it in the Forest Temple/Dungeon & the only enemy that it could kill were the Walltulas. Then, as if it was a joke, all the way at the bottom of a small cave at Hyrule lake (if it has a different name, please tell me cuz I kinda thought it did too) lies a chest with slingshot ammo...(WHAT THE HELL)!? Weird enough, they also do that at Hyrule Castle of TP. If u managed to get all the keys, you can open a goodies room with a bunch of Rupees, Arrows and...slingshot ammo (Again, WHAT THE HELL)!?

And last Epona's charm. After Ilia finally gets her memory back & we see a very sweet seen of her memory, she gives Link Epona's charm that she was originally going to give him before he started his journey. At This point of the game, its almost completely useless, since Link could just warp from portal to portal with Midna. I thought this would of been ALOT more helpful if she gave it to Link when she was suppose to, it would of been alot more useful.

But if i have to single out one of them out of the entire series, it would be the Dominion Rod. If it was just limited to TP, then I would say the Slingshot


Ezikiel of Hyrule
Sep 13, 2011
Its a secret to everyone!
Hey guys! Whats the most useless item in the whole series! Mine is the ice arrows from ocarina of time. Whats your pick?
Actually that one is quite useful if you get it before Bongo Bongo as it makes it very easy to beat him.
My most useless item is either the dominion Rod or the Spinner they both were used primarily in the dungeon you got them in and getting heart peaces.


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Dec 4, 2011
Slingshot, most games (Once you have the bow, you'll never need it again)
Circus Leader's Mask, MM (It only helps with the sidequest which ends in getting it? WTH?)
Raft, LoZ (Used only to get to one dungeon and one heart container)

I've never played TP, so I can't speak for the Dominion Rod.
Dec 21, 2011
the horse call in Tp when you get it you can warp i was like why do i need this now :mad:


Jun 22, 2011
I think it's the magic book from LoZ. It adds fire to an already powerful weapon. I think the fire gets in the way more than it helps.

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