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Spoiler 'Most Precious Data on Record...'

Jun 21, 2011
Going 2 Hyrule Castle
It would have been better if Fi was link's guardian angle sent by the goddess, that's why the sword can only be pulled by link and she only recognizes him as mature and that's why OOT young Link has to wait seven years to pull it.


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Feb 8, 2011
Her indifference doesn't bother me. That's how the developers intended for her to be, and it's working fine so far. Albeit, Fi does give off signs of personality, especially near the beginning of the game. For example, when Link first walks into the "Chamber of the Sword" Fi bows down in reverence. No facial expression was needed to exhibit that form of behavior, however small; emotion comes through action equally. That is one of the highlights of her character.

Another thing that impresses me is her abrupt appearance when we're talking to NPCs. Take the Kikwis for example. After we found and were talking to them, Fi would emerge with news of the others location status. It was hilarious seeing their frightful dialogue and alarmed expressions, if not also adorable. And she paid them no mind, only carrying on with her message. It didn't even bother me that she warned on things such as the lowness of hearts or battery power (the latter which I found useful); I has so much to look forward to from her.

Speaking of which, I'm anticipating this ending scene I keep reading about very much...


Dec 19, 2011
I really liked Fi, to tell you the truth. I know most of you think she's monotonous, but she's a little more than a "robot" in my opinion. Even if she did get a little bit annoying when she tells you your hearts are low, and when she told you your Wiimote's batteries are about to die (aka, it's on the last bar), I found it surprising when she did that. I got so involved in the game, that I'd forget everything around me, and only focus on the game. Then, all a sudden *ding* *ding* "Yeah Fi?" "Master, your health is low. I highly recommend finding hearts at the earliest moment possible." or "Master, your Wii Remote's batteries are low." "Oh, alrite Fi. I'm just gonna die though, because I have a fairy in a bottle." or *pauses game and changes batteries*
Fi has a habit of stating the obvious, and being vague when you're in dire need of help. When you first enter Eldin Volcano's summit to find the flame, Fi says that she "highly suggests looking for flames." I just cracked at this part. I couldn't stop laughing and choked on my hot chocolate I was drinking. I recovered, and said "Fi, you're so ironic. There's flames everywhere." Then at other times when I need help, I ask her for advice and she just tells me about my clothing, and the area. She's too vague when you need help, but for me, she makes up for it when I ask her about the enemy. Tip: if you die on a boss, Fi will usually have more information on them.
All in all, I really enjoy having Fi as my companion. I haven't completed Skyward Sword yet, but I know enough I will start crying really hard when she leaves me at the end. I'm just that attached to her. When I got to Eldin Volcano at the Bokoblin base when I was finding the Eldin Dragon to get his part of Song of the Hero, as soon as I noticed my items were taken away, I immediately thought of her. "CRAP. SWORD. ITEMS. GONE. FI." and then when I finally found my sword, I just sighed of relief when she popped out.
Um, yeah.. I could say more but it's getting late.
Dec 23, 2011
I believe that she went from: Cool sounding -> kinda gets old -> shut up already! -> please dont go!

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