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General Zelda Most Nostalgic/Favorite Zelda Moments


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Jul 27, 2012
Canada, eh
LoZ- Stickin it to Ganny for the first time. Beating 2nd quest was pretty awesome too.
AoL- Crouching in the corner to beat Shadow Link. A 20 minute happy dance followed after.
ALttP- My expression when I turned into a bunny for the first time, hearing the Dark World theme, seeing those amazing credits
LA- Slashing Cuccos in front of Marin
OoT- The whole game. Sneaking past the guards to see Zelda, getting Epona, seeing Darunia dance, throwing Ruto at enemies, defeating Ganondorf/Ganon, the credits
MM- Learning the Song of Healing/becoming human form again, Stone Tower Temple, collecting all the masks, talking to the Moon children
TMC- Becoming Minish size, Ezlo giving Link the hat
TP- Turning back to human form and wearing the Hero's clothes, learning all the Hidden Skills, that epic cutscene on the bridge with Link holding his sword whilst on Epona, Hyrule Castle/defeating Ganondorf's many forms
ST- ....catching all the rabbits? I honestly don't remember much of this, except for the Tower of Spirits. -_-
SS- Getting pushed off the statue by Zelda/the more "romantic" scenes, thinking Ghirahim was about to lick my face the first time I saw him :ghirahim:, fighting Koloktos, Skyview Temple, beating Demise


ST-When Link and Zelda hold hands at the end.... I cried in joy lol


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Jul 8, 2012
Behind My Computer Monitor
LOZ-- the first time I figured out that I was supposed to blow up random walls in the dungeons
AOL-- getting to the first palace (I'm embarrassed to say I took forever to figure out how to do it)
ALttP-- the rain at the beginning (It really completes the atmosphere)
Oot-- the goodbye scene in the clouds with Zelda
MM-- the music that plays when the world is about to end
TP-- that one cutscene at Lanaryu Spring (You know the one)
SS-- Zelda's sealing and unsealing
Aug 8, 2012
LOZ: Dying after Ganon thinking the flames around Zelda would just vanish.
AOL: Beating Dark Link (without the crouch cheat)
ALTTP: Getting attacked by Cuccos (an accidental swing :P)
LA: Seeing Tarin as a raccoon
OOT: The 'meeping' as King Zora moves
MM: The Anju & Kafei quest
OOA: Saving Nayru
OOS: Beating Ganon
WW: Watching Link hit the Forsaken Fortress once Tetra Launches you in a barrel
FS: Beating Vaati
FSA: N/a
MC: Realizing the Biggoron licked my Shield to the Mirror Shield (ewwww...)
TP: Fighting the Possessed Zelda
PH: The Bellum/ Linebeck Fight and the cinematic scenes leading to it.
ST: Fighting Malladus (Cole possessed)
SS: Everything From Ghirahim Stealing Zelda to beating Demise.
I've played most Zelda aside form the 2 FS games yet most of them don't have any worthwhile memories for me, but for the ones that do.

OoT- the title screen, seeing Link and Epona run over Hyrule field under the moonlight <3
TP - Link's smile before the credits roll, perfect musical cue.
WW - all of it
ALttP - saving Zelda from the castle's dungeon in record breaking time
MM - summoning the giants

they're the only Zelda games i give a darn about.


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Jul 26, 2012
Stone Tower Temple
OoT: When you first pull the Master Sword from it's pedestal.
MM: Stone Tower, the entirety of the time you're on the moon
TP: Wandering around the village as a wolf, Midna's goodbye
Jun 16, 2013
Desert Wastlands
LOZ-Beating the game
Aol-Getting past Death Mountian
ALTTP- Going into the Dark World for the 1st time
LA-Finding out it was a dream
OOT-Pulling the Master Sword up
MM-Whole game
TP-Getting the Master Sword
PH-Going onto the Ghost Ship
ST-Beating the Sand Temple
SS-Zelda going to sleep


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Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
ALttP= Beating the game for the first time
OOT= The music that plays when you see Sheik. The St Louis Ocarina Trio do a beautiful accompaniment to this btw.
MM= Seeing poor lil Skull Kid huddling from the rain and then he meets Tatl and Tael, so cute
TP= Meeting the Hero's Shade
SS= When Link cries

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