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Most Interesting FBI Case


Jul 27, 2011
The foribbiden relm
This thread is created for you to share which case you thought was most interesting
A couple weeks back I purchased a book titled "PIZZA BOMBER" That was written by an FBI agent who was involved with the COLLAR BOMB case in Erie Pennsylvania. For those of you who are not familliar with that case it was supposedly the most shocking bank robbery in America. It involved a man named Brian Wells who was fourced to rob a bank of 250,000 dollars by a couple of thugs or the collar bomb on his neck would explode. Sadly the police got involved and caught Brian and told him to tell them the whole thing was a hoax before the bomb squad had arrived Brian Wells had told them everything he knew about the bomb and the thugs while the timer stoped killing him istantly. They were eventually caught and put to trial. (Read the book to learn more.)

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Apr 22, 2011
I'll have to go with the infamous D.B Cooper case.

It's basically this random guy who hijacks a Beoing 727 in january of '71 in the air between Portland and Seattle. He sat down in his seat with his briefcase, ordered a bourbon & lit a cigarette then also requested 200.000$ (about$ today) or he would detonate the bomb he had in his briefcase. Everyone who came in contact with him noted that he was rather nice guy and calm, he payed for his drinks and asked for a few civilian parachutes once they landed. He got his money and the 727 got evacuated of all the passengers except for Cooper and the Pilot, they flew straight for Mexico (under Coopers demands) but ran low on fuel and had to land at Reno Airport, before landing they had noticed that there was a change in pressure suggesting the tail section was opened. Once the FBI searched the plane D-B Cooper was nowhere to be found and disappeared of the face of the earth, still haven't found him.

I just think this is really interesting how this mid 40's guy decides to just hijack a Boeing aircraft and request that sum of money later just jumping out of the airplane, parachuting to safety in the middle of nowhere (at least I think so) in the middle of the winter.


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Dec 17, 2012
Any transactional records from that period would not be digital, assuming he spent the money in gobs at all. Where would you even begin looking? It would require a massive blanket of warrants that almost any judge would deny on account of being extremely obtrusive. Unless the currency was marked, it would be almost literally impossible to track.

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