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Most Hated Fire Emblem Game?


Sal Manella
ZD Legend
May 4, 2012
Donald Dump's America
binding blade I actually have a love/hate relationship w/, even though it was the game that got me into the series and I was addicted to it,holy CRAP this game can get unfairly hard, I would just restart chapters constantly b/c I would end up loosing more units than I should allow, and this being my first fire emblem while me not being used to the mechanics most certainly didn't help
ooooooooooh but the worst part of this game, is that unless you know what you're doing in the game [i.e. you know how to unlock the gaiden chapters], you WILL get the bad ending if you just dive into it w/o any prior research, and the bad ending left me soooooooo damn bitter, like it's seriously a very unfulfilling ending that you're basically gonna get by default if you don't look up how to get some of the gaiden chapters

so yeah, I love you binding blade, but at the same time you are the worst thing I've ever had to put up w/

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