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Spoiler Most Hated Boss

Which Boss?

  • Ghirahim

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  • Scaldara

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  • Moladrach

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  • The Imprisoned

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  • Koloktos

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  • Tentalus

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  • Bilocyte

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  • Demise

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The imprisoned for sure, he was easy and boring. Also, repetitive..... and that's just on the first battle.
Dec 17, 2011
I'm surprised to see The Imprisoned winning by so much. The Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round is a good way to decide who my least favorite boss is, but I honestly have to say that mine would be Koloktos. I am simply baffled that he's apparently considered the best boss in the game, and while Tentalus does look silly and came out of nowhere, I actually really enjoyed the battle, and while it got annoying, it might actually be one of my favorite bosses in the game, but that's just because I enjoyed the Sandship level a lot.

The Imprisoned is actually better than fighting Ghirahim three times. The Imprisoned at least changed its ways to climbing, and I love the catapult sequence in the third battle, even if I missed the first time. With Ghirahim, the second battle is really just an exaggerated version of the first battle, and the first phase of the third battle was remarkably easy, but probably my favorite battle with him because of how the second phase was.

Moldarach was remarkably easy when I fought it the first time. It makes me rather surprised that I don't seem to have as easy a time fighting it when I play the TDLR.
Jan 1, 2011
Demise by far. He was probably the worst boss I have ever played. He was too easy to fight, and the battle was just... terrible. I know that the title said that you want most hated boss, but this is just one that I dreadfully hated ;___;


I had a lot of trouble hitting the eyes on Bilocyte in the first phase of that boss fight. Once got on the platform on Levias I thought it was fun, but it took me a long time to aim it right, and spin into the six eyes on the loftwing. I say Bilocyte was my least favorite boss in Skyward Sword.


i really liked battling Ghirahim i thought he was really fun and easy to battle, now the Imprisoned was so annoying, i thought the third Imprisoned was the easiest because you had to attack him three different ways, first the normal way, then Groose shot him down and then you had to climb on the Grooseanater and attack him in the air.


Link x Zelda
Feb 7, 2011
The Imprisoned, for sure. All the other bosses were fun and easy, for the most part. The first time he was easy, the second time he was a little harder but still easy, and the third time was ridiculously challenging. I died so many times until I got it.
Dec 27, 2011
Yeah, the Imprison was bad, but he had some amazing cutscenes and little things you could do to make it fun. Demise was my least favorite. He was WAY too easy.


Sep 21, 2011
Under a freeway.
I really did not like the Imprisoned.He got really annoying.Even though i never died fighting him,he was still annoying.It was so hard to jump on his head,its like you just want to throw the remote at the TV.

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