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Most Difficult Zelda Boss?


Oct 10, 2011
it's clear that the boss that takes the most just blind slashing because skill was so hard to apply to clunky controls would be..... dark link... zelda II. awful. or you could just stand in the corner, crouch, and keep jabbing.

Back on topic, I think that Gyorg is actually the easiest boss in Majora's Mask, but that still doesn't mean he's easy. I know I'm in the vast minority with this opinion but I've come across at least two other people on these forums who have thought similarly.

i would say that all MM bosses were on a nice even playing field. but they were above average difficulty for the zelda series


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Feb 15, 2010
Seasons in the Abyss [Minnesota]
Dark Link from Zelda II: the Adventure of Link without the cornor glitch. Before hand you fight Thunderbird, which is an easy battle if you are experienced and if you are not and you have absoloutly no strategy he'll drain your life fast and you might have wasted all your magic on the life spell. If you beat Thunderbird and you have done the same as I said above, you go on to Dark Link and per say you don't know the cornor glitch, then you'll get owned but if you do beat him, it is one of the most epic battles in the Legend of Zelda series, but still the hardest.


Definitely Twilit Dragon Argorok from TP ;) I still haven't found out if he actually wants to hurt Link...

I'd say Ganon from the 1st game and from ALttP.

But the best one Stallord from TP - love that boss!!

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