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Most consistent gaming franchises in terms of memes


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Apr 7, 2019
What game franchises do you think has the best memes, that has held a consistent feeling of quality through the franchises lifetime? Being on a Zelda forum, do you think the Zelda series has huge meme potential or none at all?

Personally I find Dark Souls memes to be very funny, the phrase 'git gud' always makes me laugh, especially when used in a tasteful context.


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Jan 22, 2016
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The SoulsBorne games are the most consistent with the memes in my opinion. Started with Demon's Souls and hasn't stopped.

The Zelda series has great potential for memes, probably the best one being the Mount meme.


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Zelda, Dark Souls and Metroid are the franchises I think of when I think of memes.

Everyone thinks Link is Zelda.

Dark Souls is 'git gud' and 'Dark Souls of (insert genre).

Metroid is Other M in general and how it broke the entire franchise and assassinated Samus' character.

I suppose Kingdom Hearts could be another one with the timeline problems and the hearts and darkness etc.
Mar 18, 2019
Mario alone probably has more memes than just about anything else. I mean it did give birth to this magnificent creature 7100EF15-58D4-4B72-A4C9-72DD487C5DDA.png

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