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Most Challenging Pieces of Heart to Obtain


Jul 13, 2008
There are two heart pieces that involve mini games in all of Zelda that drive me bonkers and they both have to do with archery.

Majoras Mask Clock Town Shooting Gallery. Hitting every single Octorok here is NOT fun. Not only do you have to memorize where the Octoroks will pop out so you have a head start on getting them but it seems that every controller I play is way too sensitive and it's IMPOSSIBLE to do this first try without practice. The heart piece is difficult but a great reward indeed.

Another extremely difficult heart piece to obtain is in SS at Fledges Pumpkin Pull. This seemed to be the only part of SS for me where the alignment of my Wii Remote kept going out. This does not help with the game at all because it ends up very hard to aim, and then you have to recalibrate the remote, and then you can't aim again, then you recalibrate, then you can't aim, then you end up cheating by using the trick where you keep the bow aimed at one spot of the house and shoot the pumpkins as soon as you see him throw them xD I'm a cheater but it gets the heart piece quicker. I appreciate Zeldas challenging mini games though. Spices things up a bit.

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