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Most Annoying Sound in a Zelda Game


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Feb 8, 2011
What do you think is the most annoying sound in any or all Zelda games is?

I'd have to go with the Goron Elder's son crying all the way through Goron Village. When playing there in Majora's Mask as a kid I had the volume at about 12 (the same amount I use on the same TV to this day) and it was still piercing. My parents, relaxing in the next room, were puzzled by it and asked, "What's that noise?" You can imagine how flustered one might be when explaining that a baby Goron was wailing its head off, and that's how well this memory stuck with me. That's also why I give it the raspberry award for most annoying sound in Zelda.

If you guys have any instances like this, feel free to share. Or just give what's most irksome to you and tell why. :)


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May 10, 2010
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Well, I would say "HEY! HEY! LISTEN!", but after playing Oracle of Seasons and going for a straight hour with one heart, the "dingding!" for the low health.


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Mar 9, 2010
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Either this...


...or that



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Jun 22, 2011
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While the beating of a heart was annoying, and most definitely Navi (that WILL score in my top forever), I thought that there were a few annoying noises. Like as previously stated, the redeads. Ugh. The screams are very, very piercing and annoying. And not to mention, I often found some of the characters to be annoying. Like Tingle. ;)
Feb 23, 2011
Remember these guys? Well, the boss Mutoh (in the center) would make that loud irritating sound - sorta like a strident scream. An example of this is the argument between he and the Clock Town guards inside the Mayor's office in Majora's Mask.

Majora's Wrath's laughter was pretty shrill and annoying at times, especially because my brother would constantly mimic it. lol

In the Wind Waker there was Nudge:
...his voice is incredibly annoying when he'd say "UMM!!!"...ugh.

Old Man Ho Ho from the same game had his signature "HOAAAHH HUH!" sound that was just...ugh.


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May 26, 2010
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Zelda's scream in the final battle of OoT was freakishly annoying (she screams any time you get hit). Me having Nayru's Love activated and the controller unplugged makes it seem as if the scream will NEVER stop.

I, too, hated the Goron child's scream. WAAAAAH. I wanted to throw a brick at him, but unfortunately that's not possible and also completely unreasonable; a child will definitely cry for their parent(s).

Yet another sound I hated was the sound whenever Midna comes out of the shadows. That "DooDODOO" noise whenever you press Z/down on the d-pad. I would sooner accept Navi's constant "HEY!" than to listen to that for two minute straight...

EDIT: Fi's "speak". It's as bad as Midna's "speak". Hate it hate it hate it!
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Sep 28, 2011
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Nah, seriously I think it might be the weird "OOOUUU!" sounds that the former store owner in the Malo Mart Castle Town Branch makes whenever you buy something. (here's you when you walk into the shop)^^ (and here's you when you walk out)o_O

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Feb 23, 2011
Zelda's scream in the final battle of OoT was freakishly annoying (she screams any time you get hit). Me having Nayru's Love activated and the controller unplugged makes it seem as if the scream will NEVER stop.

Wow... Dude, I totally forgot about that, especially the bit about casting Nayru's Love. Her screams were so irritating.

Also, "Tingle Kooloo Limpa!" < Blech!
Aug 12, 2011
In Links Awakening i rally really really hate the sound when you pick up a booster (eg. guardian acorn). So i do not pick then up, id rather die! (Or turn of the sound, whatever feels more pleasant).
I cant see what people have against Navi.

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