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Most Annoying Battles

Nine-tailed Fox

Apr 5, 2010
Curiosity Shop
The point of this thread is to blabber about the most aggrivating battles in the Zelda series.

For me, it's Fraaz. He's cool and all, but he's so annoying to fight. I hate it when he shoots ice, swells up, or splits in two. Everytime I see him Swell up I find myself saying "the ice temple! Morbidly Obese Cat and annoying bells included! (results may vary) Just like those advertising guys.


Master of Monkeys
Mar 25, 2010
I would either have to say Gyorg the first time you fight him, or Molderm on ALttP because if he knocks you off, you have to start the fight all over.


Zelda Dungeon's Critic
Jan 13, 2009
I don't want to say.
Fighting blue wizzrobes in the same room as like-likes. You gotta dodge the wizzrobes, but you don't want to get hit by like-likes or you lose your shield. It's a bloody pain.


The Gerudo pirates from Majora's Mask. I hate enemies which are 'protecting' themselves so good. I was definitely fed up with her, so I shot two fire arrows.. AND MISSION COMPLETE!
But, in Ocarina of Time.. that fight with Nabooru annoyed me too. I used that 'Nayru Love Protection' all the time, and still it toke me an half hour to defeat her.


aka. musician_4_life
Jan 18, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
Umm the most annoying battle for me would have to be the first time i faced Dark Link in OoT. Mind you, back then when walk through's weren't easily accessible for a gamer, it did take me quite a while to figure out his weaknesses through many battles of trail and error.


Leave the chocolate here
Jan 25, 2010
The Mansion!
I found the white wolfs very annoying, they kips going around you and its take time to kill them cause they kip blocking your attacks and I really hate the sound that they make when they try to hit you... the wallmaster from alttp, unlike the wallmasters in the 3d zelda game, in this game you can barely notice that they're coming and you have to start every thing al over agin. and the tektite, I really hate them.


A Frog
Feb 19, 2010
on my bean bag...
The White Wolfos are easy if you get the whip. You just repeatedly whip at them one at a time before they can attack.

I hated that sort of giant plant squid in the ST. It was just so boring and repetitive!
Dec 11, 2009
Fighting blue wizzrobes in the same room as like-likes. You gotta dodge the wizzrobes, but you don't want to get hit by like-likes or you lose your shield. It's a bloody pain.
That was one of the worse scenarios in all of LoZ. I always managed to not get my shield eaten everytime a like like got me, though. I must have been lucky.

Another one is a room in AoL. The end prize is a Link Doll. There is a blue Iron Knuckle and two Bubbles. The blue Iron Knuckle can shoot sword beams at you and the Bubbles just fly aimlessly in the room. So, I had to take the Blue Iron Knuckle out first then the Bubbles. Its hard to slash an Iron Knuckle in the face when you have Bubbles flying around the room. Also, when the Bubble hits you, it depletes magic, so no Life spell if I ever needed it (if I was that low on magic).


The Happy Mask Salesman
Jan 26, 2010
Scenic nowhere
Normal enemies-
Redeads (especially with other, faster, enemies)

wart from MM (I didn't get a lot of pink things off him, so the battle was hell.
Odwala from MM- I forgot that I had the bow, so I kept trying to slash him in time when he did the tribal dance thing.
Feb 3, 2010
im playing through minish cap at the moment (last zelda i havent beaten yet) and it has to eb those stupid worms that throw their boomerangish blades


Ash Gala Wonderful!
Mar 9, 2010
49.9°N 8.2°E
For me it was Moldorm from LttP (that snake-thing in the last light world dungeon before Agahnim). Whenever fighting it, I always got to the point where it started to move faster and then it would always kick me down one or even two floors and I had to start the battle all over again. Why the hell did that thing always have completely restored its HP when you went back? And then its moves were totally random and unpredictable, so annoying. I fell down an average of ~4 times whenever I was playing.


Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
The single most annoying battle I can remember is the first time I fought the Shadow Insect Queen in TP. Wolf Link + semiboss + water = lots of aggravation. Wolf Link just cannot swim! I believe that battle was my first ever game over...

Random Person

Just Some Random Person
Feb 6, 2010
Floormasters because they multiply once they've been attacked. Also multiple chu-chus on TP because they also multiply and if the purple one eats the other ones you don't really get anything out of fighting them, espescially if there's a gold one. It's really annoying when that one gets eaten.

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