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More or Less Serious?

More or less serious?

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Apr 8, 2012
Do you prefer Zelda games that are more serious, like TP or MM, or less serious, like WW or PH?

I personally like the more serious ones.
Apr 5, 2012
The more serious ones, but in Skyward Sword, little moments with Groose I actually liked quite a bit :p


Dec 16, 2009
United States
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More serious. Twilight Princess was a challenge, and it had a really dark plot. The gameplay, characters, stuff like that were serious. It's the best Zelda game I have ever played. Skyward Sword is sort of in the serious zone, but close to the nonserious. It's a great game though.


Jun 20, 2011
In a tree house.
Ofcourse the more serious one to me are the best. they just have that feel if you dont do something quick bad things are going to happen. And the characters are more rude (which i like!). I hope mre game like TP and MM come out soon.
Aug 7, 2011
Overall I think I prefer the more seriously toned Zelda games. However there is still a lot of Zelda brand humor even in the most serious of the games that I enjoy and would be sorry to see go. I think Nintendo has found a nice balance and would like to see that continue for the most part.


Someone You Met Online
Dec 17, 2011
Cleveland, Ohio
I like serious Zelda games because it adds to the suspense. Then I like less serious ones because sometimes I don't want to play a serious Zelda like TP or MM, ya know?


Don Gero's Apprentice
Apr 5, 2012
Mountain Village
I like darker games so I tend to lean more towards serious but every now and again I need to just sit back and enjoy a more relaxed fun game. So I like both but if I had to pick I'd go with TP and MM games over WW and PH. I do love Spirit Tracks though.


Red as the Crimson Sun
Jun 27, 2011
McKinney, Texas
more serious! Its a bit more fun to have a challenge

OK! OK! OK! OK! O-K! So, just because games like Twilight Princess are more "realistic" and "serious" does not mean that they provide a challenge. I'll have you know that Twilight Princess is actually one of the EASIEST Zelda Games. Enemies deal very little damage and go down very easily. Just because a Zelda game has a serious style does not mean it will provide more of a challenge. Windwaker provides more of a challenge than Twilight Princess in my opinion. Enemies in Wind waker deal more severe damage and can be more difficult to defeat at some points. Now, I'm not saying that Twilight Princess is completely easy, and I'm not saying that WindWaker extemely hard. Both games (for most Zelda gamers like us) are relitively easy because we have so much experience playing Zelda games. The point I am trying to make is not to flat out say that a game is more challenging just because of it's style and appearence.
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Dec 23, 2011
I really enjoy the more serious games.
I just find that I get more attached to Zelda games, when they're more serious.
Not to say that the less serious ones are less compelling,
I just have an attachment to the series, so when it takes itself more seriously, I'm right there with it.

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