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More Noble Beasts in Zelda?

In Twilight Princess we got to control Link as a wolf form brought on by the power of the Twilight Realms and Triforce. While we have played as Link as an animal in the past before TP, TP still changed a lot with the mechanic and brought about a new form of gameplay with it.

So the question is, would you like to see Link turn into other noble beasts in the future? Whatever the reasons for it may be would you be adversed to plays as Link as an animal with a new form of gameplay much like the wolf form in TP? Or do you prefer Link in his Hylian/humanoid form and are adversed to the form changing mechanic overall?


Apr 22, 2011
What a coincidence, I just talked about this in another thread!

Here's a quote:

I'd rather see a feature back to the series where Link transforms into a transport, much like the Wolf in TP except this time maybe as something more epic like a dragon or gryphon (like the flying mount in WoW). I think this would be an awesome feature, could even be a part of the main plot?

So yes, I'd love to see some transforming action back in Zelda. There are also multiple routes they can go with this, either make it a curse so we have no choice of transforming and tie it into the plot, make it just a mechanic to get us from Point A. to Point B. faster.. or maybe even bring back the magic meter from past games and make the transforming cost magic and have different forms of beasts that have different attributes?

Personally I'd love for the first one to be picked, the story would have faster pacing, be more hectic & intense and unpredictable if we never know when we are going to transform into a (preferably) deadly beast. If this is too far away from Zelda then maybe just pick something like the masks in MM, where we can transform into a Zora, Goron and Deku.. except this time with more body altering forms?

Apr 10, 2012
Maybe, but it has to be different enough for it to work and not be labeled as a TP knockoff. While a dragon seems like a cool idea, I'd want them to at least distinguish it and make it unique and useful to the game.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Call me what you will, but I'm pretty adverse to form changing into just plain ol' animals. Even transforming the Hylian Hero to a dragon or something even more noble/majestic I'd have qualms with, and that's due to my believing that the basic Link isn't maximized as far as swordplay and what not goes.

However, even in spite of that, I'd prefer if we got some rudimentary changes such as a mystical "dragon ring" which transform Link into some sorta three headed dragon or something like that. I don't have many story plans written out or even floating in my head, but rings that provide simple changes into simple beasts would be my preferred method of animal-form changing.


Sage of Tales
I always thought it made more sense for Link to turn into a lion than into a wolf. Lions are the creatures most associated with "courage" and "nobility." Not that they always are, mind you. I've seen enough PBS nature specials to know the life of a male lion can be pretty sketchy - they aren't above stealing and murdering their own kind... not unlike humans, really.

I can see why TP made him into a wolf. They likely wanted a "dark" kind of creature, one given dual attributes in myth and legend (wolves are often bad guys in fairy tales, but they've been given noble connoations in modern stories). Also, a wolf is smaller and would probably find manuvering and getting around easier than if they'd tried a mechanic for a big, burly lion. It still might be a neat thing to see if a proper context could be given.

In one of my story-universes, Link has a transformation-form that's a coyote... the context being that Hyrule is becoming a vast Western-style desert and Midna (still alive after many centuries) manages to cross into this Hyrule from the Twilight Realm and has her happy little shadow-crystal with her. My OC-Link did not like being a coyote. He smelled bad and was small. I can't see Nintendo doing that unless they were to make a game like that fanfic and then probably people would scream and moan because it's the kind of story that works best as a fanfic, not canon.


The Creepy Uncle
Feb 10, 2012
Swaggin Roost Island
I say a cougar....cause then he can be NIDALEE!!! No but seriously any cat like animal would do for me. Hell even a cat.

Although it would be interesting if you could turn into a bunch of different animals....open up some interesting gameplay.
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Darkest of all Dark Links
Oct 28, 2012
I just want to see the wolf again. It had its advantages over normal Link and I'm not sure if it should be balanced to give the wolf more use or remain unbalanced so we still focus on human Link.

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