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General Zelda More Interactive Transport

Modern Zelda has forced us to ride numerous methods of transport and some have been more intricate and interactive than others. For example we could use our items while on KoRL in WW, yet we couldn't use anything while riding the Loftwing in SS and we can only use a couple of items while riding Epona.

So, question; would you like transport to be more interactive, for example allowing us to use items while riding it, or having the transport itself act like a multi-purpose weapon and operate as if you had all of the items equipped?
Or should travel be a simple affair?


May 18, 2013
I'm not a huge fan of transportation, to be honest I don't even like horse riding too much. I prefer if they just give us the Pegasus boots or something.

So, how do we improve transportation in Zelda? How about less transportation?


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May 26, 2010
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I'm with Sroa Link here...just stop trying to force feed us transportation methods. And if they have to force feed, give us something simple like Epona. :I

TP 2.0 regarding alternate transportation would be grand. That'd mean full integration of horse combat with foes! :D


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Nov 12, 2007
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It should just be free! Riding a train along tracks that have been previously built just doesn't have that same feeling as riding a horse anywhere you want and discovering new lands, or travelling the seas in a boat. Even if, gameplay-wise, they function very similar, it just doesn't have that same feeling. So, I think the transportation just needs to be more open. Get that feeling of exploration!


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Jan 16, 2013
Inside the Moon
I enjoy transport methods, they can add depth, new gameplay, and fun mini-games. I only wish they did more with them.

The boat needed more interactive sailing. I mean it gets boring just sitting there for so long, but the boat added to the sense of nautical adventure and fun.

The horse finally cam to its full potential in TP. I mean you could do all that combat and what not. You got quick transport over the vast lands of Hyrule; You even fought boss battles, even the final one, on a horse. I think that horse-riding is a far along as it needs to be. But I wouldn't mind some enhancements if they think of some.

The Loftwing was a cool idea, and it was enhanced by the music and settings. It only got one boss battle and minimal use elsewhere. I can't believe there was no Loftwing dungeon, Loftwing use of arrows, and Loftwing barrel rolls. The Loftwing needs serious help.

The Spirit Train wasn't too bad. It could get tedious, but you always got action and plenty of bunnies to look for. The customization also greatly benefited this mechanic. The Spirit Train is a pretty good system.


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Oct 28, 2012
I see it as the opposite. Once you pull out an item in KoRL, you are punished. You immediately stop moving. I see Epona and the Loftwing as more interactive because you travel by doing something. You steer and speed up your steed (and fight combat in TP's case). Even the boat and train from the DS titles were more interactive.

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Dec 2, 2012
I like interaction. In Twilight Princess, you had sword combat, arrows, even epic boss battles that utilized both methods of combat. I loved the way it worked on the King of Red Lions. You could use any weapon in your arsenal except the sword, which forced players to experiment with new methods of fighting enemies. The loftwing could have had more interaction, but can you imagine sitting on a flying animal, and shooting arrows instead of holding on? It made sense to not feature combat.

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