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Miyamoto on Zelda Wii


Caleb, Of Asui

Well, if I need Wii MotionPlus for the next Zelda Wii game, then I'm sure I'll get Wii Sports Resort. I actually don't have any idea what either of those look like, since I didn't start watching E3 soon enough. >_< I feel so uninformed... I guess I'll search for them on Wikipedia after this post, and maybe the new Wii Fit as well.

From what I've read about this 2010 Wii Zelda (from here and on ZD updates), I'm guessing this "more mature Link that looks similar to his incarnation in Twilight Princess" is the same Link that's in Twilight Princess, but x number of years later. (I'm sure the years passed won't be specified.)

So, that means it's (most likely) a TP-sequel like I've been expecting/hoping. All of the direct sequals (as in, with the same generation of characters) so far (bar AoL) have been some sort of side-story in some country/kingdom other than Hyrule (LA in Koholint, MM in Termina, and PH somewhere else in the great sea). If that's the case again, then I'm excited to see what sort of new place this game introduces. It might be interesting to have a return to Termina (or maybe one of the other lands, though Termina may be the most interesting). I have some [likely vain] hope that this will explain something about the timeline. (Twilight Princess explained quite a bit, I think, if you think about it enough.)
Jan 19, 2009
Temple of Time
If it would use the motion plus, i wouldnt want to buy Wii Sports Resort just so i can us ethe motion plus for Zelda. I holp if the new Zelda doesnt come with it, taht it would be sold seperatly.


Mother Hyrule
May 17, 2009
on a crumbling throne
If it would use the motion plus, i wouldnt want to buy Wii Sports Resort just so i can us ethe motion plus for Zelda. I holp if the new Zelda doesnt come with it, taht it would be sold seperatly.
Wii Motion Plus doesn't have to be bought with Wii Sports Resort- that's just a promotional bundle, much like the Red Steel 2/WMP bundle that will be released. Right now, Wii Motion Plus is available for preorder, but at its price of around $30-$40 (I can't remember which), it's a much smarter idea to buy it in a bundle. I'm sure that Zelda will be bundled with it as well. It'd definitely be smart to sell it like that.

I only wish I could have seen the artwork. Somebody should have taken a better picture... I know I'd have snuck in some kind of camera. Harharhar, DSi, perhaps. :P Could Link truly be a real man this time around? I couldn't bring myself to be attracted to a teenager in TP. A part of me died when he revealed his scrawny body. But maybe my inner fangirl will once again be fed images of a manly-man Link. I can only hope!

One thing I am worried about, though, is that if they are bringing back a more mature Link, does that mean a more mature game? Most likely, yes. Will Nintendo find a balance this time? The game doesn't have to be so incredibly dark. Maybe something like OoT or ALttP that had a certain darkness to them but they weren't completely smothered with it.

Now, what could this game be? A remake? A sequel? A new game all together? When people say the Link looks like TP!Link, I have to wonder- is this a sequel to Twilight Princess? Maybe. But it seems that the game hardly calls for a sequel. Still, we do see an image of Link leaving Ordon at the end of the game. Perhaps he was setting out on a new adventure, and this new title could be that adventure.

At the same time, though, blue dress makes me think. Some people say the person behind Link looked like a Zora. Some say it looked like Zelda. How can anybody not distinguish between a Zora and a Hylian? In any case... if it is Zelda, might it be possible that Aonuma finally got around to working on that A Link to the Past remake he's been so intent on bringing to the 3D world?

What I'm hoping it is, though, is a new game all together. Really now, there are so many holes in the story and timeline that need to be filled that a new game could really help with that, you know? I'd like to see a little something different, but I also want the information that I've been craving. Nintendo has wanted to take Zelda and give it a new spin, so perhaps this is finally going to happen. It can be either good or bad. Wii Motion Plus makes me lean towards thinking that it'll be good, but Nintendo's fetish for new gamers makes me wonder.... just how badly can this turn out?

I'm going to keep my hopes up, though. Wii Motion Plus + Older Link = Satisfaction. For now, anyway.
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
Yes, I've been waiting for something like this ever since I completed Twilight Princess quite a bit of years ago. I loved just about everything that game had to offer, and I've always loved the mature/dark that some Zelda games have to offer (Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask). An even older Link that was mentioned got me even more excited, because it really hints that we'll have another mature/dark Zelda, which is always the best type of Zelda game in my opinion. Wii Motion Plus would be even better. I loved the way sword fighting was handled in Twilight Princess, and if they could make it even better, that would REALLY make it a good game. And the hopeful release date was the cherry on top of all of this. It just boggles my mind that we might have this game by 2010, even thought it'll probably get delayed (Just like all good games do).

I really thought that Zelda might be going soft, with WW, PH, and ST all made for the younger less experienced audience, and Twilight Princess being the single game that pushed through all that, but this very small tidbit of information has reignited an excitement for the series I haven't felt since TP.


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Miyamoto revealed this to IGN in their interview with him about the fact that Link's not holding a sword in the image, although I don't know how anyone could see that from that thumbnail. Lol!

It's a good interview, worth checking out. Here's the direct quote about the sword, but I'll post the link for anyone who wants to read the full thing.


IGN: At your developer roundtable this week, you showed off a single piece of artwork from the next Wii Zelda game. This piece of art has not yet been released publicly, but we noticed that Link appears to have grown to full adulthood. He looks older than he did in Twilight Princess. Is that a correct assumption?

Shigeru Miyamoto: Well, the story setting for this Zelda is, of course, in a completely different era and Link is older than he was previously. More approaching adulthood. There is one hint. Maybe from the art work you can see that he's not holding a sword.

IGN: Has he lost his Master Sword?

Shigeru Miyamoto: [Laughing] I just wanted to make sure that you understand we are making it. That's all I'm going to say on that subject.


The Oath of Kinbaku, Tzion, Terra, and Iscariot.
Jun 6, 2009
good lawd they finnally have a decent sized image of the official artwork of the new zelda game. Im hoping all this is signifying that you actuelly control a sword in this game 0.o. not just pressing b button three times to get a cool sideslash. not just pressing a at the right moment to do a cool parry attack. Literally CONTROLLING a sword and improvising with it and doing whatever the hell you want with it. forgive me but sometimes i get sick of doing the same old, same old, sword pattern when fighting enemies. sure they did a little better with it in WW and (from wat i heard of though i never actuely played it)TW but its still the same techinque, now it just looks cooler.

haw,haw,heeaw! haw,haw,heeaw! i mean it just gets tireing after a while

Bob Majinki

Deku Director
Feb 15, 2009
I'm not sure what I think about him not having a sword. Nintendo's been trying too hard to go in different directions with this series, but I would not be happy if adult Link, which I always see as serious Link, was without a sword.
Jun 6, 2009
Should be a quality game.. TP had was good on both systems but I really enjoy the Wii controls. And ever since OoT I have preferred the 'real' look for the games... WW was fun but OoT and TP are in my opinion the best two games for story and visuals. I like the darker, more ominous games... so MM goes in there as well. Anyway I am pretty sure that it will be in the same timeline as TP.. maybe not a sequel but it seems that the 'look' of the games is how they distinguish between the two timelines for now... With Zant and Ganondorf seamingly dead it should be interesting to see what they come up with.


I know as of yet it's just speculation; but I have to agree with the theory that the "Spirit Girl" is the Spirit of the Master Sword. She certainly does look the part. Turn the image upside-down; you'll see what I mean.

Sword of Faith

Sorry, people.

It's not coming out next year
They're announcing it next year. meaning they'll tell us the title and such
It probably wont be out til 2011-2012


they wanna make us happy, let us use the gamecube controler to control link,.
Jun 6, 2009
I don't agree. The Wii controls add a whole new element to the game. One I got used to them i found them easier than the Gamecube

silent lion

Nov 5, 2007
I know as of yet it's just speculation; but I have to agree with the theory that the "Spirit Girl" is the Spirit of the Master Sword. She certainly does look the part. Turn the image upside-down; you'll see what I mean.

In this article they said:

IGN said:
Eagle-eyed Zelda fans have noticed that while Link himself is not carrying a sword in his hand in the picture, the ethereal female creature joining him in the images bears a remarkable resemblance to the classic Master Sword design.

Here's the full-size: http://uk.media.wii.ign.com/media/872/872155/img_6835983.html

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