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Mixing Items

Aug 26, 2009
Me and my friend were thinking, what if in the next Zelda game you could combine any weapon? Like arrows and the torch would make fire arrows and you would lose fuel, not magic power, the clawshot and the torch would make a fire gripper making it powerful so you could melt through ice, and burn leaves that are in the way of the target! What i want is more ideas of mixed items,(none that are already made like bomb arrows) and if you think it would be a :) idea or a :( idea


Sage of Tales
I like this idea. It would work especially well in more "realism leaning" Zelda titles (much like how magic wasn't as big in Twilight Princess and Link had stuff like the bomb-arrow combo to make up for not having fire arrows. In my opinion, he should have had fire arrows, too, because his enemies had them and how hard it is to soak an arrow in lantern oil and set it alight?)


Apr 19, 2009
I liked the idea. It's been done before, but I'd really like to see it done to a bigger extent. For example, what I would really like, would be if you were allowed to mix every single item in your inventory with every other item in your inventory. You could therefore make LOTS of different thing. Some combinations would of course be useless, for example, mixing bombs and a bottle would have next to no effect. Then there would be some which could shorten your quest, like mixing an arrow and some rope to make an extremely long grappling hook or something. The catch though, would be that you were never told of the combinations of items. You had to figure them out for yourself. This would add a bit lump of difficulty, challenge, and opportunity for secrets.

Also, if they Incorporated not telling us of the combinations, they could get really sneaky and make secrets where if you had an instrument (for example and ocarina) and a bottle, you could then, put water into your bottle, and combine the ocarina and the bottle, effectively meaning you play into the bottle changing the pitch. This would allow nintendo to incorporate some really difficult to solve puzzles. So, yeah, I think this is a great idea.


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Cool idea! I really liked the arrow combos in TP. I think most of the items I can think of involve fire for some odd reason or another...

A boomerang that caused some kind of fire cyclone would be interesting. It could be used to totally eliminate smaller enemies like the spider hatchlings in the Temple of Time in TP and the like. It could also light torches in a pattern similar to other games, but would just be cooler when it does it!

Some kind of exploding bomb boomerang would be great too, so you could give bombs more range other than throwing or firing them with arrows. They could swoop around objects in the way and hit targets otherwise unreachable.

The first that came to mind, although I can't really think of too much practical use other than maybe ice-melting again would be a spinner with, you guessed it, fire encircling it. Again, no real purpose that I can think of, just a cool image! :P

how hard it is to soak an arrow in lantern oil and set it alight?)

This is true. I kind of thought "How hard would this be" as an easy combination when playing, but then after getting the bomb arrows, I thought that really it's probably just be a "slingshot" type item that would be rendered useless. Still, could have been neat to have just to give the badguys a taste of their own medicine!
Aug 26, 2009
what i also thought was cool was a clawshot with the latern, it could melt ice surrounding clawtargets, and could burn plants around claw targets
Jun 16, 2008
New York, US
Well, that is an interesting idea, although I think they'd have to think of better combos than just elemental stuff mixed with normal weapons.
An interesting one could involve the Clawshot/Hookshot and a bomb; Link could latch onto something, and then attach a bomb onto the handle of the clawshot/hookshot, and then let go of it altogether, carrying the bomb along to whatever was latched onto. Perhaps a little weird, and not necessarily useful, but ah well. It was an idea.
Other than that... it might be cool to (I know, it includes fire, but ah well) use a magic item such as Din's Fire to "charge up" your shield, and the next time you blocked an enemy attack with it, it would burst into flame or something.

Some kind of exploding bomb boomerang would be great too, so you could give bombs more range other than throwing or firing them with arrows. They could swoop around objects in the way and hit targets otherwise unreachable.

That was already done in TP, in the boss fight of the first dungeon. You had to target a bombling, then target the boss (whatever the heck it's name is, I can't remember) and then throw. I'm pretty sure you had to do that another time in the dungeon as well, perhaps to get a heart piece. But it would be nice if you could do that anywhere, yes.


Dec 3, 2008
I think this is probably the best idea for Zelda Wii that I have seen so far. It would add so many realms of customization! It would defiantly please many Zelda fans such as myself, and it would mean that Nintendo could make so many new and useful items with just a handful of them. I would love to combine say.. The bow and a bottle, and shoot it at a distant heart piece, and then have it come back and empty the bottle to have the heart piece lying on the ground for me to get.

I would not like this to be mandatory though. Just for things like getting heart pieces, and getting secret things and easier ways to do something. So it really takes a good deal of thought and creativity to figure out how to get some super special thing. And of course I would want to be able to combine any item, even if it's something stupid like.. A sword and a lantern, which would just make you're sword glow or something. Or maybe a bottle and another bottle, which would make a big bottle..

Anyway, I really hope that Nintendo does this. Even though I know that they won't because they are to thick to get a excellent idea like this into their heads.. :dry:
Aug 26, 2009
Some combinations would of course be useless, for example, mixing bombs and a bottle would have next to no effect. ./QUOTE]

Well except of course for destroying perfectly good bottles. :P
well actually it could be like you find a rock... its a b ombable rock but when you bomb it, everything is destroyed, but witht the bottle you can claim whatevers in it before it gets destroyed, like a heart piece, rupees, or something like that:wave:
Oct 1, 2009
I gotcha. I like the idea of combining the arrow with a rope. Using it to swing across open spaces. Like everyone else, combining fire and explosions with anything is a good idea.

Master Kokiri 9

The Dungeon Master
Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
I personally like the idea of mixing more items like arrows with torch, or mirror with hookshot (creating a switchhook sort of thing) and stuff like that. Although I'd rather have it in a realistic Zelda like TP or ZXV rather than a toon Zelda like WW or ST.
Jan 3, 2009
The sword. That one thing that has been in every Zelda game, the sword. You could combine swords with other swords or materia to make stronger swords. But that wouldn't be Zelda enough to be in Zelda. How about the Sword-merang? A boomerang with a handle for throwing and blades for mutilating any enemy in the way of it's path. Or how about a swordshot? Of course the hookshot has a small tip for stabbing, but what if you could shoot out a chained blade and swing it so you can make a more effective blow. Not to mention the hookshot stuns and does not hurt. How about being able to use the Roc's cape with a sword or bow-and-arrow? That would really help with flying enemies. Maybe pegasus boots + roc's cape + sword? Being able to run, slash, and jump at the same time would give LoZ a really good function, but due to the fact that it's probably too powerful, it should require a very long, challenging, and frustrating sidequest, along with a few of the other cheap combos I made. Or wait... what uber items are in OoT... ah yes! The Great Fairies' magical weapons! (Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, and Nayru's Love) Could they not be combined? NL and DF could make a fire shield, FW and DF could make a sort of firey blast, and FW and NL could make a shield that sits where you put it but only you can go in it. Or maybe add NL to Pegasus Boots. Din's Fire and Arrows could be sort of like Fire Arrows + Bomb Arrows. Farore's Wind and Arrows can make arrows that warp whatever it hits on contact. Din's Fire and the Mirror Shield could reflect the attack except coated in fire. Mirror Shield plus Farore's Wind can make it so that the attack will sort of go into the mirror, come back out behind the enemy, and hurt the enemy. But then again, that would call for less projectile enemies.
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Apr 5, 2008
Chula Vista, San Diego, CA
This idea, I like, but only in some cases. It would be a really awesome addition, but only if limited. Combining every item in a game with another item wouldn't work. Like, how would the Ball and Chain combine with an Empty Bottle? Would Link swing around a bottle instead?

Of course, that is a very poor example, as obviously, the bottle wouldn't be used in this case, but it's what I'm trying to say nonetheless. Combining items with equipment wouldn't work either, unless something like the Iron Boots were there, then that's understandable.

This idea would be awesome if it was used with only specific items combining with other specific items, otherwise the idea would be abused and stupid. One thing that would be awesome. Combining the Lantern with the Arrows would make sense, as the result would be Fire Arrows. Combining the Bombs with the Ball and Chain ... well that would sort of work, but would be pretty useless. Swinging around a Bomb on a chain would be interesting, however, it exploding upon contact with something would make it useless. A really cool example would be combining Deku Sticks with the Lantern (Yes, I am aware that it was not in Ocarina of Time) It was sort of used, when you lit it with a torch, but if you had the ability to do that anywhere, plus it would have increased attack power, however, that would ruin a big portion of the puzzle element ... so bad idea.

Overall, it's an awesome idea, but I can't think of that many examples ...
Aug 26, 2009
The ball and chain and the latern... pretty much everything with the lanturn would be awesome... except for bombs... WAIT!!! When you get bombs in the game, you need an outside fire source to explode them, so if theres some monster that shoots fire, thats how you detonate the bomb, with the lantern, you get detonate it wherever you want, good idea right?

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