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Minimum Things to Creating a Website (preferably a Forum Community)?


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May 26, 2010
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Hello everyone. Since 2006 I have been interested in making a website of my own or spearheading a forum for the experience of coding and all that, something the size of Lambda's little forum or maybe a little bigger. I've used a bunch of free-hosting sites like InvisionFree, IPB, Forumotion, et cetera...but none have really appealed to me because of the ".forumotion" tag and what not. Anyway, I have a couple questions:

1) What is the minimum amount of knowledge one needs in order to create a website? Like, coding languages-wise what is the bare minimum?
2) How does someone go about having their own domain name? I know there is the ability to get free-hosted sites (e.g Wetpaint, freewebs), but if say I just want 'bobby(dot)com' what process would I need to take?
3) Is there anything one would have to look out for in regards to having a website up?

1) How does one go about making their own forum? What knowledge is required there?
2) Graphics-wise, what is necessary for prettying up a forum?
3) What exactly is 'forum software' and how does one acquire it?


Jan 25, 2013
This is more opinion than anything...but to answer your questions


1. 0 coding skills, though the more you know the more comfortable you will be(most likely), I suggest checking out places like w3schools.

2. Google "domain name registrars", I suggest godaddy or something similar, though it will run you ~$10 a year just for the name, more like $100 if you get online hosting which it sounds like you would want.

3. I have not actually made a internet web server before(I have made Local web servers though), so idk.


1. Not sure as I have not done it before, but there should be some good tutorials out there.

2. Again not sure

3. Comparison of Internet forum software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I would recommend MyBB as both the Pcsx2 and the Dolphin forums are done in it and seem to be doing quite well, also it is free, however you could go with something such as vbulletin if you are prepared to pay ~$250-400 or so.

Well I hope I have helped some, and not just confused you...but you seem smart enough to figure this out, so yeah.


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Jun 18, 2011
1. Try to imagine a scale with quality and imagine a complimentary scale of knowledge. How much knowledge is required depends on what kind of quality you want. It is possible to create a site with no "behind the scenes" knowledge at all. Certain freehosting sites offer software that allows you to set up and design how you want your site to look and act without typing a single html-tag. Your site will, however, reflect the effort you put into it and very few sites created with such tools will come across looking better than what you'd expect from a 12 year making a site about their pet.

If you want to create a site that looks decent, clean cut and doesn't have any visual or functional bugs, you need to put in the time to learn and understand html and css. Both are easy to learn and there are plenty of resource sites available to teach you. I personally prefer the site Lissa Explains - yes it's a site designed to teach kids html and css, but I think that is why it is such a great teacher, because it takes the time to cover the basics first.

2. To get your own domain name you need to pay for it, simple as that. People who have the knowledge and the equipment just buy the domain name itself, host the actual site themselves and pay the yearly domain fee, but most people, myself included are signed up with some kind of webhosting plan as well (which is much simpler as it doesn't require you to keep a computer online at all times to keep the site available). It's a simple process, really, as getting the domain name is part of the process of signing up for a webhosting plan. There's a huge variety of hosts with different prices and services, so it all comes down to what you need and how much you're willing to pay for it.

3. Never created my own server, so cannot answer any questions there, however, in terms of host, you could try to reserach how "secure" the hosts are. I have my own domain at dreamhost and have experienced the site being hacked (the dreamhost server was hacked, my site wasn't specifically targeted), they "cleaned it up" themselves, however they had been a bit overzealous on a few pages and removed more than just the hacker's code, which left me with a forum that wasn't functioning properly. Thankfully with a couple of hours work I managed to identify the files and locate the code that was missing, but someone who had absolutely no knowledge of what's what would have been left struggling. So try to google any prospective webhost's name and see if there are any known issues with them.

Forum (skipping explaining free forum hosting as you have already expressed a dislike for some of the best services for that already):
1. If you're thinking of creating one from scratch - then a lot. If you're more thinking of installing a forum software on your site, then you just need to understand what it does and how to follow its instructions. Different forum software have different requirements for a host, most of them require that the host site has a database service (like mySQL) and that the host supports the forum's chosen programming language (like PHP for instance). Installing a forum software usually involves the following: setting up a database for the forum to use, uploading the software through FTP to your webhost and CMOD-ing some files in order for the forum to set itself up properly. For a complete newbie this can seem daunting and confusing, but if you're an intuitive person who can follow instructions it's not too hard. Once it's installed, you will primarily be using the admin panel to set up, organize and run the forum itself.

2. The really big forums out there (like phpB:cool: come with thousands of possible design templates to use, if you're willing to take the time to look through what's out there you can usually locate a template with a design that appeals to you and then switch out the main images to make the forum look more like your own.

3. Forum software is simply a collection of folders and files that make up a forum (from hundreds to thousands of files depending on the forum's complexity). You generally aquire it at the creator's site (like PhpBB), download it as a zip-file, then unpack it and upload its content to your own domain. There's usually some sort of txt-file which instructs you on how to properly install it, this generally means CMOD-ing a couple of files/folders, opening the install-page on your domain and follow its instructions, setting up the mysql-service for your site for the forum to use and after the install is complete, remove/rename the installation files.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask ;)
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Feb 24, 2010
I'll try to cover a few things that weren't mentioned, although there isn't much left to say as misskitten made a very thorough explanation.

You should probably learn basic HTML/CSS in order to design your webpage. I'd say that's the bare minimum. If you want your website to be more dynamic, I'd also learn a few web development languages like PHP or Javascript. To get your own domain name, you need to go through a third-party company who will register the domain for you for a small amount of money. I recommend name.com. Godaddy also does this, but their prices can be high, they treat their customers terribly and they have a very bad reputation.

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