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Breath of the Wild Minigames In Zelda U


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Feb 8, 2011
Every now and then the main quest in a Zelda game feels like it's dragging on forever, and the player wants to take a break. So they deviate from the storyline path, going in search of an activity to quell the tedium. They might decide to find Rupees, collect items to upgrade their gear, explore caves...or try their hand at a minigame.

This series has seen its fair share of minigames, but their current glory is threatened to be dimmed by the potential of what's coming. The Wii U has opened a whole new world to the concept of minigames as we know it. Via the GamePad, these "bide-your-time" activities will have a determined method of performing a task until the objective is complete. In my mind everything will be accomplished on the Pad's screen and will require the player to have quick mental reflexes.

Bottom line is, though, I'm wondering if any of you have a minigame in mind. What pastimes would you like to see in Zelda U? Any sidequests/minigames from the past that should return, be it from Zelda or another franchise?


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Jul 11, 2012
The archery minigame should definitely return. I think it would be great to slide your finger on the game pad to shoot the arrows, it would kinda be like the archery minigame in PH.


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Aug 6, 2011
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Well as always I want a fishing sidequest. I've always loved those. Maybe something like Bombchu Bowling that was in OoT would be nice as well. But with more obstacles to get around to make it more challenging.


Jul 1, 2012
I remember a discussion about Links Crossbow Training and in that thread some interesting ideas were brought up!

One I liked was that the quality of Gameplay from this Zelda spin off title could be used as a Mini-Game concept in the next Zelda game and with the new Wii U gamepad we could not only be seeing more high quality and thought out Minigames but we could be seeing new and interesting gameplay and interactive features with the Gamepad :)

Usually we just see Minigames as a small pass time or as a small challenge in order to get an item, Heartpiece or upgrade but in my opinion Nintendo could really make Minigames a key feature in the next Zelda game! Maybe we could even see some sort of Miiverse leaderboard system...


Huge interconnected 'Caves of Ordeals' with multiple and progressively harder mini-bosses/bosses, rare and valuable loot, challenging puzzles, accessible warp points as a quicker way to travel to the main parts of Hyrule...

But we'll probably end up getting some Tingle mini-game so meh. xD


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May 26, 2010
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The only minigame I currently have in mind is what ImagiLink said: a huge, interconnected "Cave of Ordeals" type of gauntlet. Well, I wouldn't call it a gauntlet so much as a series of optional, repeatable mini-dungeons. In that respect, I figured Nintendo could include new skins for the sword/arsenal that Link would have with him, regardless of if he has all items at that point or not. Also, instead of Great Fairy's Tears or the obligatory Piece of Heart, perhaps there could be a return of the "Color Dungeon" mechanic in which we can pick a color (or design) of tunic with bonus effects? Really, the possibilities with this thing are endless.

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