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Minecraft Hardcore Factions, anyone?


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Feb 21, 2020
Ethereal Plane
Have any of you played Minecraft on a Factions server? I spent most of my late high school / early college years on a hardcore factions server, loved the ability to claim land and make enemies and allies out of anyone and everyone, plus the risk of death and being raided at every corner. I was a mod on the ChoiceCraft server and really, genuinely loved it -then that server closed suddenly in 2015ish.

Fast forward to now, and I just got word from my old friends that the server has been re-opened under a new name (but the same old management!), and has everything I loved about the old server plus bonus new things that I know I'll enjoy, like raidable bank accounts and no teleporting to spawn.

So I guess, this is a hybrid thread - 1, does anyone else wanna swap war stories from their Minecraft factions experiences? And 2, does anyone wanna come to the revived Choicecraft server with me?

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