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Do you like Midna?

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Jan 31, 2010
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I didn't care much for Midna because it almost felt like she was controlling the game, and doing all my thinking for me. Also, I didn't trust her and kept waiting for her to betray me. I mean, Nintendo has been training me since the first game to realize that things which live in the shadows are usually evil, and that a descendent of an evil race is usually evil. Now I'm supposed to trust this creepy shadow girl descended from an evil race, who seems quite cunning and capable of manipulating me? Are they nuts? I actually expected her to be Dark Link in disguise... really.

I personally feel like TP had good gameplay, bosses, and dungeons, but a lackluster story compared to OoT. That's probably because I didn't trust Midna at all, and that probably ruined the story for me. It's like they tried to create one deep character and several shallow/faceless characters, rather than several medium characters. Which means the game will not be much fun for you if you don't happen to trust or like that character. The whole game ended up having the kind of depressing/dark/heavy feeling for me that I only got in the Shadow Temple in OoT.

The Link character in this game comes across as "hokey," being a rancher that comes from a large village, who can be bossed around by his crazy girlfriend that cares more about animals than people. That destroys the whole orphan/loner vibe I'm used to getting from Link. It's actually kind of funny, though... first he gets bossed around by Ilia, then he gets bossed around by Midna. Link gets bossed around by strange women the whole game... I wonder if that's supposed to be symbolic of the three Goddesses concept? Huh.
Feb 19, 2010
I think that was just those characters personalities, which I didn't mind. I too did not find the story to be worth much though, but I didn't have a problem with those characters being bossy. You always encounter bossy characters in the games. I guess the difference was that Midna was around for the whole game. But like I have said before, I never get bothered by a characters personality. I actually find it more interesting when some of them have extreme personality traits. I never trusted Midna myself until the end of the game.
Feb 22, 2010
Ok i loved Midna she was a great character!! I feel as though she was in the game a lot more like she had a very important role. Not like Navi that really didnt have one all the fairy was a guide. :( So Midna has my vote and i think they should bring her back some how in the next zelda game! :)


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Jan 31, 2010
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In the beginning Midna only cared about how to get back to her own world but she changed after Zelda healed her and when she realized how much evil Zandt had done to both worlds. Link and Zelda selfless actions changed her into a very different person. I never had a problem with the girls being bossy. Ilia wasn't bossy at all. She was just crazy about Epona and cared for her. If you watch the scene closely when Ilia is angry at Link you see Link and Bo looking at each other and almost burst into laughter. So I don't think Link is "hokey" at all. And when Midna and Link first meet he was a wolf. He was imprisoned so what would you expect? Here is this strange imp offering you to help even if you don't want her to but you have no other choice. Somehow Link knew the only person who could help him was Midna.


Yeah, I like Midna a lot!
Great help for Link!


Midna is very cute and funny!

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Feb 6, 2010
As a character, yes she was a good idea. They really did justice on her personality. However, personally I didn't like her until she obtained Zelda's wisdom. She was a spoiled brat up until that moment in time.


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Jan 26, 2010
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She's actually more helpful than navi ever was.

Did navi help you leap over cliffs (as a wolf?) I think not!

Did Midna give you great information on every single enemy that you come across? I think not.

I agree that she is the best, although I find her to be almost as annoying as people say Navi is. Don't you find that chuckle to get annoying?


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Feb 9, 2010
I didn't think she was as good as Ezlo, but not as bad as Navi, and since there's no, "In the middle" choice on the poll, I can't vote.

Midna definately was supposed to be a step forward in companions, but I actually thought she was a small step back. I like the guy companions, but there's only been 1 over the years, they're all girls, and I don't like that. I also didn't like how she liked Link, it was too awkard. And she was too bossy. "Get the fused shadow." "Help me find the Mirror of Twilight." "Now go get the Mirror of Twilight." "Now kill Zant." "Now go save Zelda." That's one reason I didn't like the game in general, the whole thing was doing what Midna told you to. I also didn't like how at the beginning she made you think Zelda was the TP, when it was just selfish of her to not want you to know that it was her. o_O sorry for my wording there, I'm confused too.

Overall, I guess I'll go vote that she was a bad character.


I don't like Midna at all, and I don't know how people find her funny.

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Jun 11, 2009
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Midna was by far one of my favourite characters in Twilight Princess. She may have been a helper like Navi and Tatl, but she had a big role in the game, which made the game pretty cool. :3


At first I hated Midna because she was so ugly and flirty. But now, I don't really mind. Link would be dead without Midna. Plus, I love the fact that she killed Zant! I hated him so much! I mean, you did all three of those early temples, and then BAM! All your work is gone, and you have to save Midna! Also, she was totally wicked, when she broke down the barrier blocking Hyrule castle!
Apr 24, 2010
I totally agree with Prince Ralis exept for the at first hating her. I just thought she was kinda wierd. At the end of TP, it was pretty awkward when Midna asked if Link thought that she was beutifal. She was still odd at a few other times,as in a lot of other times.

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