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Metroid Mafia: Attack on Space Pirates

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Nah, it's traditionally accepted that when it comes down to two players, mafia wins. You can look back to Scrubs for another example. :P

But if you wanted to be technical about it, I could have just kept trying to night kill Rachel until she was dead (failure the first time because bulletproof, then kill).


Nov 25, 2012
The Underground
At first I was like wut, Draw? Then you guys explained it. :lol:

Meanwhile, Keeseman had attempted to run away because he couldn't stand being one of the few Zebesians left. He began wailing for his friends. He was wailing so hard that he couldn't see what he was doing, and he ended up running off a cliff. Remarkably, he was still alive... Until he ran off another cliff. Keeseman was no more.
xD Holy crap lol. I can't... my sides... they hurt...

Anyhow, great game. I guess it was fitting that Mother Brain was my last victim. :P

I think everyone played very well, but I wanted to give props to JC, pkfroce, and musicfan on the town side especially. Some very clever moves by you three.
Thanks ALIT! I feel like I didn't do the best job that I could though. Like killing Fused. I really thought I was on to something, but nope. I killed a Townie. :kawaii:

You did a great job too! I honestly thought you were Watcher when you fake claimed lol.

Yeah I hate role claiming :I
I'm sorry. :(

I apologize to you too Fused. :sweat:

And thanks to JC for protecting me after my claim. Would've died before I killed anybody if it weren't for you.

I feel like I'm kinda getting a bit more of a grasp now. In past games I was really unconfident. I wasn't sure on anything lol. This was a really fun game. Thanks to JJ for modding at Mellow for taking his place to finish things up. ^^

Can't wait to see how Green Lantern goes. :lol:

EDIT: The game is finished. I can edit posts now right? :mellow:


The game is on!
Yay! Good game everyone! :D

The hardest part for me was ending the game, but my mafia buds encouraged me to claim Watcher, and the strategy was successful.
You played very well, ALIT. As your old Godfather I am extraordinarily proud of you! :nod:

Yeah I hate role claiming :I
Yeah? I love role claiming! Especially fake claiming >PD

Anyway, since I am next in line in the Mod Queue I will open up the sign up thread for Pirates Mafia 2 as son as I come home from school today (which might be when the lot of you wake up). ;)


be vigitant
Feb 20, 2012
You played really well, ALiT. You never wavered or anything, and you made that fake claim so nonchalantly. xD
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