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Metroid Mafia: Attack on Space Pirates

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Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere

It was a typical week in the Galaxy. The Galactic Federation and Space Pirates were at war with each other, both sides showing no mercy. But suddenly, on one fateful day, the unexpected happened. Every single one of the Space Pirate's attacks was met with a flawless defense and counterattack by their arch enemies. For days this went on. They were losing numbers fast and didn't know what to do. In one attack, however, they managed to uncover a bit of data that revealed how their attacks kept being foiled: the Galactic Federation had managed to successfully infiltrate the Space Pirate's base on Planet Zebes, posing as Space Pirates with a new kind of cloaking technology they had never seen before, and were secretly tipping off the Galactic Federation to their plans.

This was horrifying news to the Space Pirates. Immediately the group that discovered the ingenious scheme returned to Zebes to alert their head officers, Mother Brain, Ridley, Kraid & his spawn, and Phantoon to the situation at hand. This led them to halt all attacks and placed a blockade around the plantet in order to prevent the Galactic Federation's spies from leaving, since they knew the Galactic Federation wouldn't attack Zebes while their own were still on site. They then set out to investigate in order to find out who the spies were, and ordered the grunts who discovered the plan to aid them in their quest, since they had enough skill to not only find the Galactic Federation's game-changing plan, but also managed to survive the counterattack to bring word back to Zebes. However, they were aware that even any of the ones among them could be the spies, so they all knew to trust no one unless it was beyond the shadow of a doubt that they weren't a foe.

Now that the Space Pirates had learned of their existence, the spies knew they had to alter their plan to eliminating the enemies hunting them down. Time was of the essence, and they knew it wouldn't be easy taking down the best of the best the Space Pirates had to offer. A new breed of war had begun, not one of brute force, but of black ops. These collective 17 soldiers from both sides' lives were on the line. No one was safe...


  1. Do not communicate with each other outside of the game thread
  2. Do not reveal information after you've died
  3. Do not edit your posts
  4. Do not use your role PM as evidence
  5. Bold your votes and unvotes
  6. Roleclaiming is allowed
  7. No Lynch is allowed
  8. Extensions will be initiated upon majority vote
  9. Night posting is allowed
  10. Do NOT post any information at Night
  11. Be active or be modkilled
  12. Have fun and be a good sport!
The Living

  • Mellow Ezlo
  • LittleGumball
  • PancakeSamurai
  • A Link in Time
  • fused_shadows
  • Big Octo
  • justac00lguy
  • Keeseman
  • Erebea
  • pkfroce
  • Dracomajora
  • musicfan
  • Pendio
  • Thareous
  • Rachel
  • AvatarFlygon
  • Heroine of Time
With 17 alive, it takes 9 votes to reach a majority vote. Day 1 ends on Dec. 20th at 12:00 CT.

Good luck! And may the odds be EVER in your favor.
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Dec 2, 2012
he needs to go to bed

Also, when does Godzilla show up?

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