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Metroid Fusion

This thread may seem a bit random but lately I've been playing Metroid Fusion as a GBA title available for the 3DS as part of the Ambassador Program and I'm absolutely dazzled by its magnificence. Metroid Fusion may not share the same superb status as Super Metroid or Metroid Prime but it is definitely one of the better and more original games in the franchise. Due to being confined in a single space station progression is definitely more linear from Point A to Point B, however, the traditional goods the franchise is known for are delivered.

I've never actually beaten a Metroid game story wise for I lose interest somewhere in between. The series is tough as nails and Fusion greatly ameliorates the problem. I still occasionally get stumped but haven't yet required a walkthrough. After failing at a specific part several times my mind chimes in and realizes the proper way to handle the task.

The main purpose of this thread, however, was to share my opinions of the game. The soundtrack possessed traditional Metroid eeriness, the environments are diverse, and the X Virus is an interesting derivative of the Metroid with Samus's doppelganger, the SA-X posing the most tangible threat. Currently I'm in Section 2, the tropic area, and my heart palpitates as I fear for seeing this beast.

Anyhow, enough me. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this Shooter/Action-Adventure game. How do you feel Metroid Fusion stacks up to the rest of the franchise? As a final point of reference, what installment should I play following this one? Personally, chronological placement doesn't really matter seeing as how Fusion is the final title on the timeline.
I'm glad you're enjoying Fusion, ALIT. Its one of the best titles on the GBA.

Fusion was the first of its kind to take place solely on a space station, the rest had all been planets and the ships you did explore were only a small part of the game for example the Frigate Orpheon in Prime 1.
For me Fusion was a wonderful step forward in the 2D Metroid genre. Having played Super Metroid first, Fusion felt like a more action packed, more focused and clearer chapter than any 2D title that had come before it, this isn't because of the linearity though, (of which is no where near as insulting as Other M) but because of the story itself and the short monologues that Samus is treated to. We read her words in Super Metroid albeit very briefly, but she comes to life in Fusion and this is given more weight by the fact that she has somewhat become a Metroid herself. In Other M Samus was shown to have a motherly bond with an infant Metroid but the story was so blunt and tacky that it almost physically hurt. Fusion however, handles this theme perfectly not just in story but in gameplay, Samus is now a scavenger like the Metroids themselves, needing to use the X as a power suplly to stay alive and powered up, not only that but she is hunted by a full-strength version of herself, she is now the hunted and is hunted in the same way that she hunted the Metroid herself in earlier chapters, and this again is something Fusion does better than other Metroid games namely Prime 2 and 3 with Dark Samus, the SA-X is a much more focused and threatening adversary, there are so many dimensions to Fusion in terms of series mythology and character pathos that its just so wonderful to experience.

Gameplay-wise Fusion stepped everything up again. Aside from Zero Mission which came out after Fusion, no other 2D metroid had the ledge grab, this alone give the action a faster pace than its Super Metroid counterpart which did make Samus feel very clunky at times rather than lithe and agile.
Depsite being on a spaceship, the sectors are wonderfully thought out and varied, you'll forget that you're on a ship at all in some sections and a lot of them are more than they appear. Fusion really does mark the end of Sakamoto's genius as far as Metroid goes in terms of story and level design.

For a follow up, if you're really enjoying Fusion I'd recommend Zero Mission, its a remake of the first game with a lot of added content and plays very similarly to Fusion, just minus the X hunting to stay alive. Its very much how Super Metroid would play if it were remade now.
On the other hand you could also play Other M, its a mostly enjoyable game to play and look at, but it is terribly stupid, unfocussed and has some god-awful level design and narrative plot that make it feel unfinished, playing this after Fusion will give you new love for Fusion itself and any other Metroid game that you're likely to play.
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Jul 11, 2012
I'm currently playing metroid fusion too i'm near the end of the game even with all the powers i have SA-X scares the crap out of me i walk around in fear of hearing that music and it's foot steps but it is a great game and my first metroid game. :)


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Jul 8, 2010
Aside from "Super", I've played Fusion a load of times. I love this game so much and I truly attribute this game to getting me into the series, which has now become my favorite :D. Its really a gem to have. It's a little more linear than other metroid games but it provides a good challenge. Easily it's 2nd best of the 2d metroid games. I'd really give Other M a try. I loved the game play on it. The story is ok overall. People have issues with it but you'll live past it. I have my own thoughts about the game but that's for another time. It really is fun though, its a good mix of 2D and 3D. You can find it for like $10 at Gamestop and $5 at Best Buy.


Jun 19, 2010
Metroid Fusion is the first one I played, and I really liked it. If you're looking for another Metroid game I would recommend Other M. A lot of people hate the story, but everything else is pretty great. It isn't as difficult as the other games in the series, and it's really fun.


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Jun 17, 2009
Metroid Fusion has always been one of my favorite games. I traveled to so many different GameStops before I finally found one that had it. Oh, the memories. =P

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