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General Zelda Messin' with Gravity


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May 26, 2010
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We've seen practically everything by way of dungeon themes and item manipulation...except for gravity. You might argue the magnetic cielings in Twilight Princess but I think that was more testing the capabilities of metal, and less of using gravity as a main component of a dungeon/item.

What do you think about gravity-based items in the future?

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I think it would be pretty cool. Magnetism is the closest thing to it that we've seen in the series so far. Having gravity puzzles like Super Mario Galaxy could open up a whole new range of possibilities for puzzles and dungeons and exploration alike. Even enemies could be influenced by this. I can only imagine what it would be like, and I'm loving what I'm imagining so far. I think this is definitely something Nintendo should look into for Zelda. We've had the Magnet Gloves, so why not Gravity Gloves?


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Nov 15, 2011
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Dungeons in recent Zelda titles do fail to have that originality and excitement than in, for example Majora's Mask. Flipping the Stone Tower Temple upside-down was a very good use of a "gravity theme" in the game.
I'm thinking a new pair of boots, aptly called the "Gravity Boots", that when equipped, completely flip Link upside-down and standing on the ceiling. This concept is very similar to the magnetism in TP, but you can do it anywhere you like. More stuff can now be crammed into dungeons, as well as more complex puzzles and combat opportunities.

I'm thinking a boss battle where you constantly have to flip onto the ceiling to hit a weak spot on top of or behind said boss.
Jun 5, 2013
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I'd LOVE to see a magnetized dungeon in Zelda that requires flipping to walls, ceilings, and confronting specialized enemies. Awesome puzzles are a given ;) perhaps it would even render your sword useless. An item could be a magnetic hookshot of sorts?

Maybe we could even see a dungeon in motion, like a rocking ship in a storm (more than SS's), or even atop/inside a HUGE creature, where its movement throws you two and fro.

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Dec 2, 2012
I would love having a gravity themed dungeon. It could make for some very interesting and fun puzzles, and would look cool. Imagine an item or something that could allow Link to walk on walls/the ceiling. There would be more stuff on the ceiling to collect, and you would have to switch between floor and ceiling to solve puzzles.

An I fully support the boss idea. It would be very unique.


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Jun 15, 2012
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Probably the best way of doing this would be combining the Stone Tower Temple with the magnetism in TP and Hover Boots/Fan combination in the Forest section of Ganon's castle in OoT. But gravity boots would be cool, kind of like that spiderman tape that lets you walk on walls haha. I do think there should be new dungeon ideas though.


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Aug 29, 2011
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I don't like the idea. I feel like it would be so gimmicky, it would turn dungeons from dungeons into mini-games, which is something that I'd rather avoid. Sure, it would be unique, but I can see it as being easily overused, getting repetitive quickly, and resulting in some painfully easy and monotonous minigame-like areas. Either that or it would turn into a pointless gimmick that is used virtually nowhere except for a single dungeon and boss (think Twilight Princess), which isn't a great thing either.


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Apr 13, 2009
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It seems cool enough. I'd honestly love to see some dungeons that are rotating slowly, to be honest, and make some unique timing puzzles. Kinda like the Windmill in OoT, but, like, the WHOLE temple does it. Anyway...

Gravity puzzles have been implemented in many Mario games, Galaxy being the obvious one, but the whole purpose of gravity flipping must be there. Its not just "Hit a switch, oop, there it goes!" I'd like to see some lore behind it, how the people of the temple, village or whatever used it and based their lives around it. Maybe it isn't controllable at first, but then you get an item that controls it. Although I'd hate to have another useless one dungeon only item like the spinner or dominion rod in TP. :wrong: It would have to be implemented creatively, like...I dunno, there would have to be a whole design thing going on, and I'd rather just put ideas down than solidify them. Eh.

But it would be interesting, but they'd have to have a REASON for it, not just "Oh, well...there goes the gravity", y'know?
Aug 3, 2012
There was also some gravity manipulation involved in the OoT Forest Temple with the twisted/untwisted hallways. I still don't really understand how/why it works. :lol:

It definitely could be an interesting concept. Maybe a dungeon/mini-dungeon where you walk around on the inside surface of a sphere? You would be able to look up and see the other "side" of the dungeon and solve some trippy overarching puzzle. It would probably look out of place though unless it was inside a mountain, or the moon, or something.

Anyway, I'm sure that they could design an interesting gravity mechanic. Unfortunately since changes to gravity are most linked to outer space, it doesn't really seem that likely that it would happen or be relevant to the plot. It's a fun idea though!

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