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Stay Frosting!
Oct 10, 2011
Ylisse: Turbulant Era
My Pokemon Memories
-Fire Red was my first video game.
-I bought Diamond from my friend, but I didn't know how to delete the game so I hooked up my DS to the charger and played it for days, getting to the fourth badge until I figured out how to delete it.
-I played Platinum on Derby Day so long my parents took it away for a week.
-I sucesfully clocked 200+ hours on Heart Gold Making it the game I've played the longest.
-I got Red and Yellow version at a flea market completely unopened, and have kept Red unopened and sealed to this day.
-I taught both my sisters to play Pokemon.
-Before my sister lost my DS me and her both played one copy of black version.
-I found a shiny Absol on Emerald and took a picture of it before I failed to catch it.
-I recived a copy of Silver version and the trading card game from a friend.
-Platinum was the first game I ever completed and Emerald was the second.
-I got my DS stolen and with it custom Pokemon decal/cover.
-I completed my Pokedex on Heart Gold.
-I caught my first legendary Pokemon on Diamond.
-I traded over all my valuable Pokemon to my friend to give back to me later after Restarting my Heart Gold game. But never got them back.
-I own Red, Yellow, Silver, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Black, Trading Card Game, Red Rescue Team, and Ranger.
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Interesting thread. I haven't been into Pokemon recently anymore but I have quite a lot of memories which I'd like to outline in my very own schematic below.

-Pokemon Blue Version was my first handheld game.
-I completed the game to story completion but not Pokedex.
-My Pokemon activity took a lull but was booted up with a purchase of Emerald Version.
-I subsequently dived into the Generation I remakes.
-Once again, I conquered Generation I.
-Bought the Gen IV games.
-Explored new features such as the Underground.
-Played Pokemon online for the first time.
-Bought the Generation II remakes; I could experience the Johto region for the first time.
-Bought the Generation V games.

To this day I have not completed a Pokedex. It's possibly one of my greatest regrets being a Pokemon trainer and hopefully will accomplish this end in the near future. Hopefully Back 2 and White 2 will reinstate my love for the franchise.


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
-Pokémon Yellow was my very first Pokémon game.
-Pikachu was my first Pokémon Starter of all time.
-Obtain all 8 badges in Kanto.
-Became Kanto Champion for the first time.
-Completed the story and Pokédex for the first time.
-Battled and captured Mewtwo for the first time.
-Bought Gold/Silver/Crystal.
-Began my second quest with Totodile.
-Obtain all 8 badges in Johto.
-Captured Lugia/Ho-oh and kept them in my time for the rest of quest.
-Became Pokémon Champion for the second time.
-Defeated my favorite Pokemon Trainer, Red.
-Bought Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.
-Started quest with Torchic.
-Obtain all 8 badges in Hoenn.
-Captured Kyorge/Groudon/Rayquaza for the first time.
-Became Champion for the third time.
-Bought FireRed/LeafGreen.
-Replayed as my favorite Pokemon Trainer, Red, along with his counterpart Blue/Green/Leaf.
-Began to believe in Red and Blue/Green/Leaf's relationships, thus made me believe in other relationships between heroes and heroines.
-Relived my childhood with the remake, thus completing the Pokédex, becoming Kanto Champion, etc.
-Bought Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.
-Started my quest with Turtwig and Piplup.
-Obtain all 8 badges in Sinnoh.
-Captured Dialga/Palkia/Giratina for the first time.
-Became champion for the fifth time.
-Bought Black/White.
-Started quest with Oshawott.
-Obtain all 8 badges in Unova.
-Became Champion for the sixth time.
-Currently training Pokémon in both versions.

I also have bought every single spin-off in the series, but I didn't want to make this list longer than what it is now. When I found this thread, I felt very emotional to discuss about the influence that Pokémon has been in my life. This thread deserves to have more posts of everyone's memories that they had with the video game franchise that is very special to millions of people. Pokémon fan for life!


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
  • Pokemon Red was my first game
  • Charmander was my first... Pokemon
  • Duh I completed it so that goes without saying. (I completed every game)
  • Got pokemon Gold
  • Picked a cyndaquil (going on fire again although I prefer totadile
  • Got pokemon ruby and sapphire
  • Picked treeko since the others didn't look to appealing
  • Got diamond on an r4 shhhh
  • Picked that penguin thing (this was the game were I found the pokemon and their names forgetful
  • Picked up Heartgold
  • I got a totdadile !
  • Went for pokemon Black
  • I got tepig and nicknamed him oinks :>

    Still playing black and having a blast. Of course I replayed some of those games but didn't want to go into detail wall of text mode.


Twilight Princess
May 9, 2011
Puerto Rico
Pokemon Emerald was my first game -I was 7 around the time
Ruby, Sapphire- Given to me by my nephew who was to young to enjoy it xD
Fire red and Leaf green- Fiance gave them to me
Diamond-Bought it after I met my fiance, who wanted to trade some pokemon xD
Platinum- Bought with my fiance, pre-ordered and got Giratina figure along with it
Soul Silver- Bought it and purposely preordered for the Lugia figure
Black- Bought it along with the hard cover guide with pokedex


Pokemon Master
Apr 5, 2012
My first game was Fire Red when the DS first came out and I got both as Christmas presents. (Cause it could play GBA games)
My first Pokemon was Charmander.
Caught a shiny Magicarp and Poliwhirl.
I have played that game for 690 hours. :D
My second game was Diamond. (Birthday present)
I picked Chimchar.
Caught a shiny Zubat (Now Crobat) and chained a shiny Cubone.
Played 770 hours.
Completed the Pokedex on Diamond.
I bought Soul Silver a few months after it was released.
I picked Cyndaquil but trained all three starters via traded eggs from my sister.
I played 300 hours on Soul Silver.
I pre-ordered Pokemon White and picked Tepig.
I have played 300 hours.
I have more than 50 level 100 Pokemon most of which are EV trained.

Right now I'm playing through my sister's copy of Emerald which I have 60 hours on and I am up to the Pokemon League.
I picked Torchic.
Fire starters FTW :D


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
•Got Pokemon Yellow
•Got Pokemon Red
•Got Pokemon Leaf Green
•Got Pokemon Sapphire
•Got Pokemon Emerald
•Got Pokemon Diamond
•Got Pokemon Pearl
•Got Pokemon Platinum
•Got Pokemon Soul Silver
•Got Pokemon White
•Went on an incredible journey to become the very best like no one ever was EACH AND EVERY TIME!

Ah, such memories.

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