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Ocarina of Time Master Quest


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Jul 2, 2010
Ikana Canyon
I played the Master Quest and loved it!

I found that the Water Temple was more easy and that the Fire Temple was the hardest temple, what are your thoughts on it? :)


Apr 18, 2010
I really loved MQ. It has some better dungeons (like the Fire temple, the Shadow temple and Bottom of the Well).

The Water temple is just as hard as in the original. Although they made the puzzles a little tiny bit easier, but the combats are harder. More ambush and hard enemies. I remembered I almost die in the bottom room with the Lizalfos cause I couldn't fight back when I was underwater.

And the Fire temple. It was easier than the Water temple, imo. The puzzles wasn't too hard, and I just needed to go straight forward most of the time. I got stuck in the maze-like room on the 3rd floor for a while though. But beside that, everything else is easy.
Sep 15, 2009
Cali For Nuh
lol master quest... oh master quest...

So I bought it on ebay last summer because people at my previous forum kept mentioning it, and i was like "how can I be a true LoZ fan if i haven't tried all the games"

Just to let you know, I got burnt out on Ganons Tower, so I think I'm only 2/3rd the way done with getting rid of the barrier, before I got bored and moved on.

Some things I noticed.... This game was my first time ever being legitimately scared in a Zelda game. In particular... I was in the Deku Tree... yeah you know that first level... And I was in a room that normally had no enemies. Then this freaking crazy thing falls from the sky.... my controller went flying. First time I can ever say I was really really scared of anything that happened from a zelda game.

Secondly, I dont remember much from the fire temple, but I do remember the Water Temple. I felt like it was just as crazy as the first time through, only.... the loop they threw in, was instead of you needing bajillions of keys. There was only ONE small key in the entire level. and I felt like that was an interesting change. And it definitely made the level more free roaming. You could visit almost the whole dungeon, but not touch the second half of the level till you found that key.

Spirit temple- which is my favorite temple in OoT, would almost have been my favorite temple again. Just the way they utilized movement throughout that level was very creative. Areas that were unimportant or unnecessary in OoT were mandatory here. One of my favorite puzzles was the Bison song room challenge. it was very subtle and a very creative puzzle. I thought it was brilliant.

Overall Master Quest seemed to embody the same spirit as Majora's Mask. It was ok to break the rules and zelda conventions that LoZ, ALttP, and AoL had established. And that's what made the game fun.

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I haven't finished master quest, but I'm on the shadow temple. To add my own twist I'm doing the temples horribly out of order. You can see my order below

Regular order..>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<..My order


Jan 31, 2008
Amherst, MA
Didn't I already answer this one?
Actually, I just started the Master Quest a couple days ago. I just beat the Shadow Temple and I am at the beginning of the Spirit Temple. I'm just now talking to Nabooru, in fact. I find that the Water Temple was a lot easier than I remembered it, but then again I have a feeling it was changed a bit from the regular quest as well, which probably is why I see it as easier than it was. The hardest temple so far in my opinion was the Fire Temple. It could get a bit confusing in some parts. I hate trying to aim arrows in the game, too... The controller doesn't want to move the bow/slingshot slightly, it wants you to slowly move the control stick as you get frustrated because you can't make it move slow enough and then it goes past your target every time you move.


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May 16, 2010
Misery Mire
I actually liked it better than the original OoT, but that's not saying much. The puzzles were very out-of-the-box from what I remember, made you think a bit more. like others have said, the Water Temple was actually easier than the original though, which is odd. I found the Spirit Temple to be the hardest this time, I even gave up on it for a while before coming back. It's a satisfying game to complete.


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Oct 30, 2009
On my PSP...playing OoT...FTW!
I've been playing MQ here and there... Scary as can be in one room for me. I don't like spiders (Skulltulas). One room in Dodongo's Cavern has a ton of them. I screamed like crazy, and dropped the controller when they all descended. It is a scarier game. I'll agree with that.


Jul 13, 2008
I actually have the Master Quest but I've surprisingly never played it! I'm very exited to play it now, as soon as I find it xD


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Jan 30, 2010
I have the Master Quest. I played a little bit of it. From what I have played, I think that it is a little bit challenging in some areas. Everything was bumped up in difficulty though and I personally like that. I like the Master Quest a lot.

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