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  1. Please stay on topic, guys. ;)

    While I'm here I might as well ask something too...

    Do you think the new humanoid bird race in BotW will have connections to any of the previously known birds in Zelda such as Fokka, Rito or Loftwing for example?
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    Ok, let's just settle this right here and now, @Mases:

    What's going to be the timeline placement of BoTW and why do you feel so?
  3. Spookulhu


    Why was their such a long hiatus? Were you just waiting on solid news of BOTW?

    How do you get the patented Masesfro so awesome?

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    @Mases do you love me? No wait, I ought to ask a meaningful question, hmmm, what are your ultimate fantasized goals for Zelda collection, aside from keeping up with recent product releases?
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    @Mases What is/are your favorite part(s) of your Zelda collection besides the games themselves? Is it clothing material, statues, cards, giant puzzles, maps, ect. or something I didn't list?
  6. Which Zelda villain is your favourite?
  7. Shroom

    Shroom :coolsar:

    What happened to Axle the Beast?
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    Will Donald Trump buy a Nintendo Switch?

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    How the MD and THEBESTEMOTES changed me: Trancending history and the world
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    whos writing a book why are you tagging me?
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    He tagged the people who liked Shroom's "Where is Axle the Beast?" suggestion.
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    Is there something from an older game in the series that you miss in the more current entries? Like a character, enemy, feeling, gameplay mechanic, graphical style etc.?
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    I have another one, is the Mases Mart actually returning?
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    Mases Mart returned and left again months ago