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Mario Kart Tournament Idea

Are you interested in a Mario Kart Time Trials Tournament?

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Morbid Minish

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Since it's around the holidays when a lot of people are busy I had an idea for a possible Mario Kart Tournament that takes that into consideration. It's hard enough to schedule matches between people throughout the rest of the year. So, would people be interested in a time trials tournament? It would be open for maybe a month or so, and during that time you attempt the time trial as much as you want. You'd take a screenshot of your best time/maybe a clip as well. That way people can participate on their own time. But the best time wins the tournament.

Could also use this format possibly every month/every other month and feature a specific map for each one. Other ideas include limiting the type of character or just using karts or bikes.

If y'all are interested in this idea lemme know and I can host the tournament if we have enough people wanting to play.

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