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Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC Discussion

Wave 4 is my new favorite so far. It might not reach the heights of wave 3, but it's more consistent.

Birdo is a great new character. I love all of her colors too. I'm repping red Birdo for her fire spitting variant from SMB2.

Amsterdam Drift is in my top 3 city tracks. I love how there is an underwater segment. First time we've seen that in a city track. Riverside Park is insanely pretty if a bit basic. Ptooies are a cool hazard, and I love the part where you drive through the waterfall. DK Summit is fine. I love the aesthetic and I'm down for more half-pipes, but I find it a bit clunky to race on. Yoshi's Island is a love letter to fans of the franchise. It is a top 10 track in the game. I love how it looks and sounds just like SMW2 with Yoshi coins on the track and the level victory theme when you end a race. It brought such a smile to my face.

Bangkok Rush is another good city track. The sunset and multiple paths put it in the upper echelon for me. DS Mario Circuit is improved with the new forest section, and the fire piranhas make for some chaotic races online. Waluigi Stadium finally gives us a Double Dash track in the DLC, and it surpasses expectations. It looks like a base game track. I love the new added upper section, and the bumpy terrain is incredibly fun to race on. Singapore Speedway rivals Amsterdam with its variety. I like how there is a part where you drive through Chinatown and also some conveyors. Plus, the goombas chilling in the pool are super cute.
Sep 27, 2021
I'm still so confused with why the track list wasn't in the Direct

also wait is the update out brb gonna go download that


What’s the character limit on this? Aksnfiskwjfjsk
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Koopa Cape and Daisy Cruiser are cool I guess, but honestly the returning courses have interested be less and less each time. I can’t imagine that Airship Fortress won’t be in the final wave, and that’s pretty much the only part of this I really have to look forward to.
I think wave 5 is a little weaker than the past two waves. The bar has been set so high that it couldn't be topped every time, but I still appreciate this wave, especially the 3 new characters. Kamek is finally in a console Mario Kart after being cut from 64 all those years ago.

Athens Dash is pretty easy, but I love the ancient Greek architecture. The acropolis section is great, and I like the boulders on the third lap. Daisy Cruiser is as fun as ever, and this is the best looking iteration of the course. The section with the moving tables is my favorite. Moonview Highway is a great traffic course. I love all of the dash panels, which help it stand out although we have a little too many tracks similar to it in the game. Squeaky Clean Sprint is another amazing nitro track. I still haven't mastered all of the shortcuts yet, but the layout is the best since Ninja Hideaway.

Los Angeles Laps is okay. It's not the most memorable city track for me. At least the upwardly sloped dash panels are fun, and the last section at the dig site is unique. Sunset Wilds looks amazing graphically, but it's the most disappointing track of the wave. Staying sunset only and not getting night at the end ruins the main gimmick of this track. Koopa Cape is another meh rendition. I feel that this track keeps getting worse and worse with each iteration. The ramps look smaller than previously in Wii and 7, and anti-gravity for the tube section is meh compared to the electric spinning bars that made the Wii version so good. Vancouver Velocity is a top 5 Tour city track for me. I really love all of the laps. The bats on the bridge, the Shy Guys skating on the rink, and the Olympic torch lit up by the ice pillars as in the 2010 games is so iconic.


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
May 5, 2012
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gotta say, not a fan of wiggler being included
the other two I'm totally cool w/ since they're big recurring bosses, but wiggler is just an enemy (even if occasional boss), guess I'm bummed since I wanted to see Diddy, Dixie, and Pauline get in, now w/ only 2 left, at least one of those ain't gonna happen and I sure as heck hope it's not Pauline that doesn't get in


What’s the character limit on this? Aksnfiskwjfjsk
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Can’t help but feel disappointed in this last one. I get that DK Mountain and Rainbow Road Wii are popular tracks, but they were never ones that I personally grew up with so I have a hard time caring for it. Bowsers Castle 3 and Daisy Circuit are kinda lame additions but I get why they’re here too. Who the hell wanted Rosalina’s Ice World though?

I was sure they were gonna add Airship Fortress at some point, that was the last one that I was mildly excited to maybe see. Oh well

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