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Males Vs Females Game


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I saw this idea elsewhere a while ago and just remembered it so here is the game.

I will start with the number 50.
Every time a male posts they must take one number away from the above number.
Every time a female posts they must add a number.
The goal is for either the males to reach 0 or the females to reach 100.
Once the goal is reached the next poster must start the number at 50 again.
You may ONLY add or subtract ONE NUMBER at a time.
If there are two (or more) of the same gender together online and none of the opposite gender they may race to pull their number towards their gender goal. The same two people posting in a cycle is allowed here.
In the event of a Ninja'd post the number used will be the number that they were both attempting to add and/or subtract to/from.

Male: 50
Male: 49
Male: 48
Female: 49
Female: 50
Female: 51
Female: 52
Male: 51
Female: 52
Male: 50 (Ninja'd by above post, number is now 51 as that was what they were both trying to add/subtract from)
Female: 52
Male: 51

Which gender is better at spamming up the Forum Games?

Time to start...


Tally (*jimmy gives up*):

Males: lots

Females: lots
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