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Spoiler Majoras Mask: Where Are The Sheikah?

Sep 10, 2011
I don't know if this has been discussed before, but I'm bringing it up anyways. Has anyone else wondered what exactly became of the Terminian counterparts of the Sheikah? We see Gerudo, Zora, Goron, and Deku counterparts (no Kokiri I know, but I want to focus on the Sheikah here), but why are the Sheikah left out? There had to have been some at one point, familiar Sheikah artifacts such as the Mask of Truth, The Lens of Truth, and of course, the mysterious Gossip Stones are all obtainable in the game. All of these are confirmed to be passed down by the Sheikah (in Ocarina of Time anyway), so this is pretty much confirmation the Sheikah did indeed inhabit Termina at one point. What became of them? What are your theories regarding the absence of Terminian Sheikah? My own little theory is perhaps they served what is assumed to be the Hyrule Kingdom counterpart; the Ikana Kingdom and their Royal Family, much as they served the Royal Family in Ocarina of Time and before. Ikana Canyon holds a graveyard much like the home of the Sheikah, Kakariko Village, does in Ocarina of Time. Perhaps during the fall of Ikana Kingdom, they left and/or died out, similarly to how they're near extinction in actual Hyrule at the time. Let me hear and discuss your thoughts on this topic!


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May 15, 2010
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There is a theory that Kafei is a Sheikah descendant or something, otherwise they could be hidden in unexplorable parts of Termina. After all, there was, like, only one real sheikah in OOT...


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Feb 8, 2011
Do we ever see the Garo in Ocarina of Time? No. So there really is no need to have Sheikah in Majora's Mask. However, the Garo could either be somewhat of a Sheikah counterpart or an exclusive to Majora's Mask as the Sheikah are to Ocarina of Time. Either way, they are relatable in some way.

I always thought the Ikana people were maybe the Sheikah counterparts of Termina.

Going with these two. If you'd want a comparative Terminian group for the Shadow Tribe (Sheikah), the Garos are the ones I'd pick. They used to have the bodies of men anyway, if I their past understand correctly, so maybe they did once look like Sheikah.


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I've always thought that the Ancient Tribe that the Happy Mask Salesman was talking about was the Terminian Sheikahs. They created Majora's Mask and and disappeared from history some time later. If the Hyrulian Sheikahs were the ones who created the Fused Shadow (which does make since), then the two Sheikah counterparts are very much alike.

They were a wise magical tribe who created a powerful object (with similar eye designs). After a couple of events the tribe was banished from the normal realm and disappeared from history.

So yeah, that's why I think that the Tirminian Sheikahs were the Ancient Tribe mentioned by the Happy Mask Salesman. By the time of Majora's Mask they were very likely living in some other realm, maybe very similar to the Twilight Realm.


There is quite a logical explanation for all that. The gossip stones are there to uncover the mysteries of Termina and the people who live there. As we know, Termina is some kind of parallel dimension to Hyrule. So everything from links memories, including the people he met, the items he used, etc is what made Termina. (According to articles and things I've heard people say anyway)

Nintendo were basically trying to recycle as much as they could from Ocarina.

Sorry to burst any bubbles or ruin any theories, but I think that's why all the stuff you mentioned is in Termina.


Nov 12, 2010
I've always been under the impression that The Ancient Tribe were the Termina Counterparts of the Sheikah. The Happy Mask Salesman possessed the Mask of Truth in Ocarina of Time, and he's the exact same one as the one in Majora's Mask. It's clear that he isn't of Sheikah descent, he is a member of the Ancient Tribe. This means that the Mask of Truth is an Ancient Tribe artifact. For two groups in parallel dimensions would obviously mean that they are the same exact group. When the Happy Mask Salesman was angry in Ocarina of Time, his eyes were red, also a Sheikah trait.

Not to mention the inclusion of the Lens of Truth in Majora's Mask. It's in Ocarina of Time, and a Sheikah symbol, and it's also in Termina. It's very likely that it's an Ancient Tribe artifact like it is for the Sheikah.

Unlike the Ancient Tribe, the Sheikah swore allegiance to the Royal Family, so they did not die out. However, with the dangers of Majora's Mask in their grasp, they disbanded, leaving the Happy Mask Salesman all by himself. The Sheikah however, did not end up staying together like they had originally planned, and they died out.

It's never stated who the Sheikah counterparts in Termina are, but I believe that they are the Ancient Tribe.
Apr 4, 2011
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I think its like the Mirror Version of the Sheikah, Kinda like how it is for every one else... Or They and other races stumbled on to termina and started a home there. Well that's my guess.
Sep 4, 2011
:huh:huuuuuhhhhh.............. (he wasn't kidding about barley anyone finding it out) Nothing you know of, anyways I'll tell you that the twili were banished to the twilight realm, (I'm talking about the shiekah locked away in MM) and if the mask were sealed away, and they were the ones who make it (It has Zants dancing, it has the fused shadows eye and destructional powers.) they would be sealed with it. Some how, the HMS found a portall(prombably the Terminan Twilight Mirror) And wanted the mask, and lied about keeping it safe, destroying Termina, for it will fade anyways. D:Ohhh, mirrored dimension, and Twilight mirror.....wierd.:hmm: Thats what I think anyways.

Sorry about the above post, is it why no ones replied? I should of made a better explanation, sorry. What I mean is that the Shiekah are the dark interlopers, because they have dark magic, red eyes. Leading them to be Twili, and lets conclude that Majoras Mask is the alternate Fused Shadows, they have the wierd eye anyways. More evidence, Majoras Mask could of been made by the sealed away tribe, Majoras Mask dances during the battle, so does Zant. Well, thats what I believe as of right now.
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Sep 25, 2011
But the Sheikah stayed and protected the royal family of Hyrule so they can't be the dark interlopers that were sealed away in the mirror. The fused Shadows were indeed created by the Dark Interlopers who eventually became the Twili. My reason for there not being any Sheikah in MM? Because they weren't necessary for any part of the game. If I were to guess I would say that the Garo would be the Termina equivalent to the Sheikah, just because they have strong ties to the Ikana royal family.
Sep 4, 2011
Yes thats indeed true, but it could be a darker eviler part of the tribe, Zant said something about serving the royal family for years, I cant find the exact quote. And they are close to the royal family, you are going against yourself because it seems that the Tri-Force was meant to be secret from the world, but they knew about it. Garo are ninjas, I dont see enough evidence of the Sheikah who served the royal family being ninjas, its a alternate dimension.


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The idea of the people from Ikana seems to make for an intersting theory, actually. Well, that or the ancient tribe the Happy Mask Salesman mentions (which makes more sense to me). I don't really hold any idea as one that sounds most plausible, though. As pointed out, Nintendo probably just put some of the artifacts like the Mask/Lens of Truth in Majora's Mask because they were rushing the game, and as much of a tough pill to swallow as it is, it certainly has been stressed enough by the developers to be an important thing to consider. Though, I'm probably being sort of a party crasher by basing my whole post in that. :P

Now going back to the topic, which is making sense out of that: I remember hearing once that Termina could be a dream world, since it could be an image of Hyrule in Link's head. I actually think it sounds like an "easy way" out, but I can't help it also happens makes the most sense for me. It's probably the easiest explenation as to why the artifacts appear in Termina despite being from Hyrule. Maybe Link remembers them and sees them, but I can't say I am 100% sure of anything here. Instead of stating anything here, I'll just number the theories mentioned here from the one I think more plausible to the one I consider less plausible:

1. Dream World
2. Ancient Tribe = Sheikah
3. Ikana = Sheikah
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