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Majoras Mask Errata



I cant seem to find any contact links other than an employment application so I am posting this here in the hopes that someone will direct this to the proper party.

2 issues in the Majora's Mask hints:

1. The author insists (in more than one place in the walkthrough) that the bombers secret code needs to be written down irl and if you lose it thats it - this is not true.
-The pseudo-randomly generated code unique to your game can be found in your bombers notebook by moving the cursor over to any of the 3 exclamation marks in the schedule
-even if you didnt look here you can still use your deku mask out in termina field to float into the fenced area of the observatory and go everywhere the code allows you to go

I had hopes this kinda thing would be made known - Im in my 30s and I dont see so well and since Im not long for this world I need all the help I can get

2. In the swamp just before the temple, the deku mask is needed to flower-fly-float along the way from one big orange mushroom to the next and at one point onto a big log - but that part of the path is not readily apparent to the naked eye and the coverage on this part of the walkthrough merely says "the path is obvious" - it wasnt to me and thats when I refer to this guide (because I wanna do as much without help for the fun of it) and I read this and was disappointed.

I hope these are updated - Im not trying to give anyone a hard time but I almost restarted the game due to item #1 and item #2 was very frustrating until I found the path by accident. Thanks for all u guys do though!!
Sep 3, 2011
A thing that SHOULD be updated, one time I looked into a LA guide for curiosity and it said that Gaepora Kaepora would fly and kill you after you awakened *** **** ****. Then I read on and it said that was a joke, pretty funny when I have never play LA.

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