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Game Thread Mafia Emblem Gaiden: Scum of Valentia

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I play my drum for you
Jan 29, 2011
Tangent Universe
Ladies and gentlemen of Valentia, I thank you for coming out today. I don't think I need to explain what we're doing here. This is war people. But remember - we are knights. Soldiers. Fight with honor and with dignity. The rules of the game go as follows:
1. Days will last 72 hours. Nights will last 24 hours.
2. The day can end early if one person reaches a majority vote (half the number of players left in the game). This will not happen Day One.
3. No posting during the night period.
4. A single dead post is fine so long as it contains no game information.
5. No copy/pasting or screenshotting Role PMs.
6. Role claims and name claims are fine, but only one per day. Counterclaims do not count against the one per day limit so long as they occur the same day as the original claim. I will not be lenient with softclaims; if you softclaim too obviously I will count it as a full claim.
7. Do not edit or delete your posts.
8. Votes will happen in the format Vote: DekuNut. Unvotes are not necessary between votes.
9. No out-of-game communication about the game unless given permission by myself.
10. You may vote for "no vote"
11. Ties will result in a coin flip to determine the lynched party
12. Extensions will be considered on a case-to-case basis, but don't expect them to always go through.
13. If you don't post at least twice during a day phase, you will be given a warning If it happens two days (not necessarily in a row), you will be modkilled.
14. Breaking any of these rules will result in a +1 hated modifier being added for each rule breakage. If the breakage is severe enough though, I can still modkill you.
Now last thing before we leave you to do as you wish:
There is one among you who is obviously innocent. Hero of Time, aka Clive, Idealistic Knight is both well-known and would never betray Zofia. You can trust him implicitly.
And with that, may the crits be ever in your favor.

Act One: Zofia's Call
Day one will end at 8pm PST on Monday, January 21 2019. With 11 alive, 6 is majority.

The Living
1. @LittleGumball
2. @funnier6
3. @Doc
4. @A Link In Time
5. @Krow
6. @Spiritual Mask Salesman
7. @Morbid Minish
8. @Moe the Moblin
9. @HeroOfTime
10. @Ryuku21
11. @Frozen Chosen


Jun 7, 2017
the present
So like the day ends tomorrow and four people haven’t even posted. What’s the deal? Used to be people would at least show up for RVS. At least, if they don’t start posting they’ll be mod killed so we don’t have to worry about scum in them. So instead I’m gonna


Vote: ALIT

Time for everyone to decide who to lynch off basically nothing.
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