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Mafia 7: Star Trek - Replacement Thread

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Jan 30, 2011
Tangent Universe
Sorry I haven't been on in a while. First my computer broke, then I couldn't find the thread, which ended up being deleted... kudos to GDL for helping me find the nw one.
Anyway... from what I've seen, I'll have to go...
Vote: Jedizora
THP is scum lots... which means that its less likely she's Scum this time. That, and it only seems right to lynch somone very day.


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Nov 4, 2009
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@DekuNut, you'll need two more posts to avoid modkill. Unless HoM wants to make an exception.

Can this day end please? It was meant to end two days ago. :|
Yeah HoM is late, as there were some serious personal issues going on with his Grandfather I just hope things haven't taken a turn for the worst... T_T Though if this really has something to do with our Dreaming God.... I'm going to scream. XD


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I was about to look over the old thread, but the replacing number thing doesn't work >_>

My main suspect is Jedizora, not to accuse your accuser. He has been posting the 3 post requirements, but here's the three posts he had made on the new thread:

Wait. We have 3 Mafia's then? (Borg, Kingon, and Romulan) That is rather annoying.

Jake is thegreen, David is hero of music.

THP hasn't really been helping the town. (Well, I also haven't, but thats more out of not reading the thread that much.)
Vote: TreeHuggerpanda

Two of these were fluff posts. He only states one reason on why he's voting for me too.

So, vote: Jedizora

And I'll post more on other people later.


Feb 24, 2010
I've taken over for David, the day is officially over. I'll wrap things up as soon as I can.

Admiral Muse's Personal Log

So, apparently it was a rather productive day for the crew. They sent Jedizora over to me, and my doctors got to work on euthanizing and identifying him. Additionally, two crew members, TreeHuggerPanda and DekuNut, seemed to have beamed themselves over here by mistake. Before we received information that there was a mistake though, we went ahead and put them down. Can't be helped, I suppose.

Well, it's time for me to head to bed. Hopefully the crew will have a good night as well.

Computer, end log and encrypt.

TreeHuggerPanda and DekuNut were modkilled for inactivity. They were the Mafia Roleblocker and the Hated Town Backup Doctor, respectively. Don't know what the hell that last thing is, but you've lost it. Anyway, night roles, send your PMs in. Try to make the night short to make up for the long day.
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Feb 24, 2010
Admiral Muse's Personal Log Stardate -86753.09

Wonderful night yesterday, really. Just as we started to work on identifying Jedizora, we received a message from the ship, saying that the situation had been resolved. We were quite confused, but they told us not to worry and that'd we'd here more from them soon.

So we got back to work on Jedizora (he turned out to be the Klingon Roleblocker, by the way) and waited to hear from the ship. A few hours later, we finally understood the situation.

It turns out someone started a cult on that ship, and had been slowly recruiting members. Last night, the group recruited their sixth member, TheGreen, which gave them a majority on the ship. At this point, they basically run the show, so they went ahead and beamed the non-cultists over to me. Never got them though, God knows where they ended up.

Now that the mess is all cleaned up, the cult leader, Josh, has been telling me that they be taking the ship and going on their own. I can't really stop them, so good luck to them I suppose. Maybe I'll see them around sometime.

Computer, end log and encrypt.

The Cult wins this game.

I apologize for the subpar lynch and ending scenes, I'm not very familiar with Star Trek, nor have I been very involved with this game since my death early on. Hopefully you all had fun though. I believe Soldier of Link will be posting the sign-ups for her game very soon, so be ready to sign up.

The remaining roles were:
Kybyrian as the Town Roleblocker, recruited into the cult on the first night.
green goron as a Vanilla Townie.
Ninten* as the Town Cop.
Keyshe as the Town Doctor, recruited into the cult on the second night.
link to present as a Vanilla Townie.
Go_Dark_Link as a Vanilla Townie.
TheGreen as a Vanilla Townie, recruited into the cult on the last night.
Durion as the Klingon Godfather, recruited into the cult on the fourth night.
Josh as the Cult Leader.
Axle the Beast as the Dreaming God, recruited into the cult on the third night.


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Apr 28, 2011
For one, the cult shouldn't have started with SoL on their side. The borg starts with one seed and grows.

Pretty good game, HoM.

I tried telling you all back on day one that if the Borg were here, they would be a cult. What was it, Djinn or someone, agreed with me about that.
Boom, you find your first borg, and you forget everything that would be good to know and freak out about a third mafia. That was your biggest downfall, I would think, other than the unbalanced start for Josh's team.

Congrats Joshy.


Feb 25, 2010
And Ky, your roleblock was wasted. I roleblocked you almost every night. I was sure you were the Vig.
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